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  • Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding? (video)

    The speakers will expose how the COVID Cartel – federal health agencies, Big Pharma, legacy media, and Big Tech – engaged in censorship and coverups.

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  • People dancing in a studio with this caption: Coming Soon! Healthcare Workers Prepare for Disease X

    Dancing the Virus Away

    A new meme, a new poem and new commentary. Even with inflation, it's still all free!

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  • Cartoon, man and wife at a table. Look at all those chemtrails. Don't worry, it's just the globalists playing God.

    Chemtrail Blues

    I report on chemtrails in Southern California on Saturday, January 27th and Sunday the 28th. There's also a new cartoon.

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  • Four triangles. Devil at top. Two men at bottom fighting, then realizing, then fighting the devil...triangle now inverted and people are in control.

    Vertical, Not Horizontal

    An excellent quote by Iurie Rosca and a new meme.

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  • The long descent into rule by experts is a project of cultural disempowerment, in which you — you personally — are being gaslit into abandoning your own eyes and your own mind.

    Chris Bray

  • The Roman Republic died in the end because it was not worth saving: the spirit of this public thing was not even worth disinterring. Whatever it had been before the Punic Wars, it was no longer; it had become a society of optimates and slaves. Anybody who has read any reactionary literature recognises this style of thought is in vogue, because society seems to be in the hands of our enemies, and the words of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu ring loud: “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

    Christopher Jolliffe

  • Spiritual War by Bob Moran.
    Spiritual War by Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.

    Unrestricted Warfare by Iurie Rosca

    One of the best articles I've read on the globalist agenda and its mechanisms. The enemy is not beside us, at the bottom of the triangle, but at the top attempting to orchestrate it all to the detriment of all of us. This is good verses evil. There is no middle ground.

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  • Shows a hypodermic needle: This was Bill's last shot. Reflect. Don't Inject. We have been lied to by the media, our government, the CDC, the FDA, Fauci and a host of medical institutions and doctors. Something is terribly wrong. Enough is enough. We Will Not Comply (Color)

    Maricopa County in Arizona Passes “Ban the Jab” Resolution

    "1) strong and credible evidence shows Covid-19 and Covid-19 injections are biological and technological weapons;" — Point 1 of the Maricopa County Resolution

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  • German Farmers Protest in Berlin. Photograph by eugyppius.
    German Farmers' Protest in Berlin. Photograph by eugyppius. Go to article »

    German Farmers’ Protest

    I've been reading eugyppius for some time and I think he is very reliable. Very good article and some great photos of the protest. He lives in Germany and traveled down to Berlin to cover the Farmers' Protest.

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  • Boss yelling at employee. Shedding isn't real! So, another conspiracy theory? Like all those others that came true?

    On Shedding by The Midwestern Doctor

    I've been thinking about shedding for a long time. The Midwestern Doctor weighs in on this important, controversial topic. Many excerpts are provided along with a link to the article. A new meme too.

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  • I’m sure you can see exactly where all this is going. By all this, I refer to the cortège of disasters orchestrated by “Joe Biden” and associates — with help from a power-crazed globalist cabal — hauling our country at a gallop now to the graveyard of empires. Is there any question that they are out to wreck Western Civ? And speeding up the action because too many actual citizens are rising to oppose their degenerate wickedness?

    Most particularly, the people who have not surrendered their reason to the Woke-Marxist mind-fuck that calls itself “progressivism” have had enough of the purposeful inflow of something like ten-thousand fake asylum-seekers a day across the border, mostly men, a lot of them from China, and many more of them mutts from faraway lands where Jihad is the order of the day — meaning the crusade to exterminate the people of Western Civ. We’re supposed to be okay with that.

    James Howard Kunstler

  • …the Democratic Party has become a criminal operation now solely dedicated to keeping its dignitaries, office-holders, and their factotums in the executive agencies out of prison for a range of crimes so vast that all the Lawfare specialists ever spawned in the hatcheries of Yale and Harvard would not run out of billable hours defending them in court before the sun turned into a red dwarf. The mighty effort consumes all the party’s energies these days, when they are not attending to the destruction of Western Civilization.

    James Howard Kunstler

  • Woman looking out window: That young jogger just dropped dead! Her Husband sitting at the table: Breaking news, Dear! Celebrities plan to the leave the country if we elect Trump.

    The Next Big Event Isn’t Coming…It’s Already Here

    The big events are already here killing and maiming people and forcing others into slavery. A new cartoon too.

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  • Kaiser Nurse, Gail Macrae, Interviewed by Steve Kirsch (video & article)

    Nurse Gail Macrae reveals stunning facts about the COVID vax and protocols at Kaiser

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