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  • Stop supporting the narrative. Start supporting the victims.
    Stop supporting the narrative by Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.

    It’s Been Three Years: People are Still Bamboozled

    One of the saddest lessons of history is this: if we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.

    — Carl Sagan, The demon-haunted world: science as a candle in the dark (Opens new window)

    I don’t receive a traditional, physical, local paper. A few mornings ago I looked down our long, dirt driveway at bright sunlight reflected off an object by the mailbox. I walked down to the driveway to find our local newspaper, The San Diego Union-Tribune (UT), in a plastic, waterproof bag, probably a complimentary copy to persuade us to subscribe. Not happening.

    I have seen this paper more in the last couple of months because I have been in at my wife’s aunt’s house to help out after my wife’s healthy, vibrant uncle passed away suddenly in his sleep. He was fully vaxxed.

    Many of the articles in the UT are from The Washington Post and The New York Times so it’s doubtful the reporters at the UT have any meaningful work to do except regale their readership with new vegan recipes and heartwarming stories about pet elephants saving their owners from renegade mice.

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  • Bookcover: An elegantly dressed invisible man with these words above and below him: I'm Nobody. What Are You? Can We Save the World?

    Buy the New Book! Read the Review!

    It’s not an order, it’s just a suggestion, maybe a gentle nudge…down the road, well, I might have to make it more of an order, you know, I mean it has been more than two weeks since it was published. You may not think you need the book, but that’s really up to us here at , don’t you think? Are you really capable of making that decision? Holy crap! Did you see that? I think it was a UFO! Just buy the book. It’ll be better for you if you do. Oh Shit! Do you see that balloon?! It’s a safe book and I hear it’s very effective and you can trust me because I’m the author who wants to make millions upon millions of dollars…so why would I lie to you? Seriously.

    I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? has been published. It is available to purchase on new window).

    Purchase at Amazon(opens new window)

    Yes, this is a real review. We’re not kidding. Guttermouth from The Gutter writes about the book:

    “It’s a cool gift for a fellow-dissident friend that can relate to the material. It’s like reading a war journal by someone you never met that was in the same conflict as you; you mostly read it for the good feelings you have as you nod along in agreement and reinforce the neural pathways that got fired up as you lived through your particular shared-but-unshared moment of history’s hell.”

    Read The Gutter’s Review

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  • I'm Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? Table of Contents

    First Amazon Review of I’m Nobody…

    My new book, I'm Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? receives it's first review on Amazon. 5 stars. Now that it's cracked the top 2 million (1,366,344 as of now) in Amazon's Best Sellers may be time to get a private jet and start destroying the planet.

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  • Google Search Page Parody: Censored. Woke Search. I'm Feeling Tyrannical. Politically Partisan Since 2016

    This Has Gotta Stop

    "That is exactly what you get in America’s Democratic Party and other regimes currently in power around Western Civ. Being at war with reality places them at war against their own citizens." — James Howard Kunstler

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  • mRNA (Speed of Science) by Foundring

    This guy just got banned on YouTube...for life...because this song surpassed 100,000 views.

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  • Excess Mortality. Pharma INC. You'll die happy! Sir, I think it's time to start backtracking.

    Backtracking Backtrackers Backtrack

    People are backtracking. In truth this started some time ago, but I'm going to start chronicling the backtrackers here. Plus a meme to go with it. The fun just never stops.

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  • Work-Time-Lost’ in 2022 is 11 standard deviations above the trend from 2002 to 2019, it’s horrific. We have the dead, we have the disabled, and now we have the chronically sick and it’s all tying together and it’s all concurrent with the vaccine rollout and it’s not explained by anything else.

    Edward Dowd

  • Sex is binary and fixed, “non-binary” is a fiction that serves nobody, and claiming that “he and she” are outdated terms reveals deep confusion about reality. Rigid adherence to these new rules and causes comes hand-in-hand with the belief that this is the newest civil rights crusade, and that if you don’t follow along you have outed yourself as being one of them—one of those people who are neither fundamentally decent nor caring.

    Heather Heying

  • Fauci and others behind bars: I'm ready for justice, not forgiveness.

    A Poem by Margaret Anna Alice

    Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice by Margaret Anna Alice

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  • March Madness parody brackets with eight: Vaccine Deaths, Extraterrestrial Assault, Train Derailments, Vaccine Injuries, Ukraine / WWIII, IHR Health Regulations, J6 Tapes, SVB Bank Failure

    March Madness

    A new March Madness meme along with more new, but old, bullshit spouted by the CDC.

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  • Six people staring at the shadow of an elephant on the wall. Across the elephant it says: Vaccine Deaths.: I don't see anything, do you? No, I don't see anything. (color)

    The Elephant in the Room

    "Can friendships survive the chasm between those who have swallowed the propaganda of mainstream news outlets hook, line and sinker..." — NewZealandDoc

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  • Doctor holding a COVID-19 Booster Shot: Tyranny: It's not always what you'd expect

    Thinking Points by Toby Rogers

    "The best things in life are not commodities — love, joy, connection, breath, freedom, family." — Toby Rogers

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  • I guess where I’m at is that I don’t just want to win a scientific argument anymore. We’ve already won that argument 10,000 times (and we will win it 100,000 times more). I want to obliterate the Pharma Death Cult and replace it with a society based on love.

    Toby Rogers

  • It’s important to remain optimistic and forward-looking, but we’re not going to see any kind of near-term victory here. As I say all the time, complicity in pandemic abuses is extremely widespread. The media, the greater part of our political establishment, and our bureaucratic and academic institutions, all had a hand in these crimes. They’ll never accept blame as long as they’re still in power.


  • Multiple Don Quixotes and Sancho Panzas in front of world globe. Ready for an adventure? Let's save the world. (Color)

    The Gutter’s Review of I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World?

    The Gutter reviews my new book: I'm Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? The reviewer thinks it makes for good bathroom reading.

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  • The Rape of America

    The Oiling of America is great video about America's move away from animal fats (butter, lard, tallow) to seed oils (corn oil, canola oil, etc) and the catastrophic health problems that followed.

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