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  • Daughter on father's lap. Son playing with toy soliders: Daddy, my teacher says the increase in cancers is because of the COVID virus. Your teacher is a useful idiot in a government psyop. It’s the vaccines. Fucking vaccines.

    Cancer is Increasing: What could it be?

    Very good, thorough article by Jeff Childers about the increases in cancer and the psyop (limited hangout) attempting to distract us from the real cause.

    I recommend the full article, but I’ve tried to summarize through article excerpts below.

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  • Spiritual War by Bob Moran.
    Spiritual War by Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.

    Spiritual War by Bob Moran

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  • An orchestra. Places, Everyone. WWIII. Pandemic. MSM. WEF. WHO. CDC. FBI. Aliens. ?

    What Now?

    We have the facts. We have the data. We have the truth.

    But it doesn’t seem to matter. I guess when your agenda is built on lies the truth is an inconvenience that can be dealt with—with more lies.

    I haven’t been writing or meme creating as much as I did in 2022. There are several reasons for this and one can begin to see how this all plays out for the elites.

    First, I’ve had to spend more time trying to make our family economically solvent (I’m not looking for sympathy, just using personal examples here). My wife and I are both self-employed and both our businesses rely more on the “Mom and Pops” of the world than corporations, schools or big businesses. Mom and Pops were hit hard by lockdowns and the economic downturn and hence our businesses have suffered significantly. We have a strong family network so we’re not going starve, but we have talked about those that do not have the kind of family net that we have been blessed with and you can begin to see why people have a difficult time emotionally trying to navigate through the loss of businesses and job and why suicide looks like an option to some.

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  • Bookcover: An elegantly dressed invisible man with these words above and below him: I'm Nobody. What Are You? Can We Save the World?

    Read the Reviews, Buy the Book

    It’s not an order, it’s just a suggestion, maybe a gentle nudge…down the road, well, I might have to make it more of an order, you know, I mean it has been more than two weeks since it was published. You may not think you need the book, but that’s really up to us here at , don’t you think? Are you really capable of making that decision? Holy crap! Did you see that? I think it was a UFO! Just buy the book. It’ll be better for you if you do. Oh Shit! Do you see that balloon?! It’s a safe book and I hear it’s very effective and you can trust me because I’m the author who wants to make millions upon millions of dollars…so why would I lie to you? Seriously.

    I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? has been published. It is available to purchase on new window).

    Purchase at Amazon(opens new window)

    On my Substack John wrote:

    “I received your book today, and I can now honestly say, I couldn’t put it down. I read it from cover to cover, flipping pages with anticipation and delight. I read words and sentences that sounded as though they were flowing from my own mind (even to the point of reading the sentences that “filled that empty space” at the very end).

    I will review. I will share. I will continue the fight of the nobodies of the world.”

    Guttermouth from The Gutter writes about the book:

    “It’s a cool gift for a fellow-dissident friend that can relate to the material. It’s like reading a war journal by someone you never met that was in the same conflict as you; you mostly read it for the good feelings you have as you nod along in agreement and reinforce the neural pathways that got fired up as you lived through your particular shared-but-unshared moment of history’s hell.”

    Read The Gutter’s Review

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  • Del Bigtree Interviews Ernest Ramirez and Five Times August

    "Ernest Ramirez, who’s teenage son tragically died after receiving the vaccine, joins Del along with singer/songwriter Brad Skistimas of Five Times August, to share their heartbreaking stories and discuss their tireless fight to bring awareness."

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  • Dr David Martin opening speech at the INTERNATIONAL COVD SUMMIT (video)

    This video has been getting a fair amount of traction...and rightly so. Martin says all this started in the early 1900s and has been progressing since then.

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  • COVID-19 vaccine injury compilation

    This video highlights some of the most well-documented COVID-19 vaccine injury cases that’ve already been made public on YouTube.

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  • Journalist (Rodney Palmer) Exposes The Massive Lies & Propaganda At The CBC (Video)

    How Canada's CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) propagandized their population.

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  • So the left political project now is just kitsch, a toxic mimic of its former self, deployed by the ruling class to enslave and depopulate the world.

    Toby Rogers

  • Climate change and globalisation mean that natural biological threats are becoming more common… The lesson of the pandemic was that no one is safe until everyone is safe, and that global health is local health, so global co-operation on pandemic preparedness and biological threats clearly needs to be strengthened. That is why the Opposition absolutely supports the principle of a legally binding WHO treaty.

    Preet Kaur Gill

  • Faux Movie Poster: Z28.310. The unvaccinated code. Once they label you they will find you.

    Are the Unvaccinated Being Tracked? Will They be Tracked?

    There is no reason to trust the CDC or the WHO with our personal, private information. Here's why.

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  • IHR: International Health Regulations by Dr. John Campbell

    What gets removed and what gets added is disturbing. Very good video.

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  • UK CV Family: A Letter to my MP: Trailer 2

    "'UK CV Family: A Letter to my MP' is a film that tells the stories of those who have been injured. The aim is to raise awareness, as currently they are being ignored."

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  • Magazine cover parody of People: Idiots. With several headlines.

    Dirty Secrets by James Howard Kunstler

    "The average Democrat knows the Biden family is profoundly corrupt and they simply don’t care…. Sam Harris spoke for all of them when he said it wouldn’t matter if Hunter’s laptop was packed w/pictures of dead kids." — MartyrMade on Twitter

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  • Human religious lore has it that the figure of Satan is the Father of Lies. Satan is the personification of evil. The political Left and the vehicle it rides on, the Democratic Party, with phantom president “Joe Biden” in the driver’s seat, has become the Party of Satan. We are in the presence of evil. (Call them psychopaths, if you’re more comfortable with that.) Whether you are religious or not, it represents a force at war with reality, and it happens to be at war against the rest of us. You can’t negotiate with it. It lies always and everywhere about everything. It must be vanquished.

    James Howard Kunstler

  • For many the covid era has destroyed the trust in many if not all institutions – the government, the pharma industry, the social media giants, and the mainstream media generally. In saner times we would have at least expected academia to rise above the lies and corruption and, especially, the censorship. Yet, academia has spearheaded the censorship of dissenting voices and, by censoring research based on who wrote it or who they are associated with, rather than on its quality and accuracy, any respect for the notion of ‘peer review’ has been destroyed and may never recover.

    Norman Fenton

  • Fat Cat Technocrats by Anne Gibbons
    By Anne Can't Stand It. View on Anne's Substack..

    Busted! Bombshell! Urgent! It’s Happening!

    "Oh man, it's happening now. What a bombshell! It's only matter of time until they're all busted!" "Um, Sir?" "Yeah." "We heard that last week, last month, last year and last decade. Nothing happened." "Nothing?" "Nothing." "Okay, Nevermind."

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  • A Final Warning From Orwell

    The message is simple: Do not comply.

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