57 Fold Increase in Miscarriages

They’re trying to kill us off.

That sentiment, something I would have never uttered probably even a year ago, for sure not two years ago, seems to be the most logical basis for any of what is going on to make sense.

Pregnant women have historically been told not take all kinds of things, but for some reason that has all been thrown to the wind with these vaccines and now humanity, yes, humanity is seeing the horrific consequences of trusting governments and their agents including our own friendly, family doctors who encouraged everyone, including pregnant women, to get the jab because it was safe and effective. It’s not!

The article below has a good interview with Dr. James Thorp by Tucker Carlson along with some links.

Never forget. Never comply.

Parody of People Magazine called Elites. Bill Gates is on the cover.

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Klaus Schwab
28 Delicious Bug Recipes

The Devils Fly to Davos

Bill Gates Interview
This Eugenicist Loves the Vaccines

A Few Words from Lucifer
“Bill was an excellent student.”

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