A simple way to end vaccine misinformation immediately

This is another very good article by Steve Kirsch.

All a state has to do is MANDATE autopsies for anyone who dies within 2 months of a vaccination. The Medical Examiner would be required to make the results public.

He makes the argument that this simple, obvious thing to do would clear up all the misinformation, exactly what the CDC, FDA and government officials do not want because they know what is going on.

Any public health official anywhere in the world could order this: local, state, federal.

A state or federal legislature could require it.

Any member of any legislature could introduce a bill.

Why are California Assemblymember Evan Low and state Senator Dr. Richard Pan doing nothing? They have said they want to end medical misinformation. This is a perfect opportunity for them to walk the talk!

Why aren’t members of the medical community calling for this? Will any of these people join me in calling for this? Or will they sit on the sidelines and say nothing?

  1. Eric Topol
  2. Eric Rubin
  3. Paul Offit
  4. Monica Gandhi
  5. Vinay Prasad
  6. Professor Jeffrey Morris (who claims he’s a truth seeker… now is your chance to “walk the talk” Jeffrey)
  7. ZdoggMD
  8. Your Local Epidemiologist
  9. Any public official could call for this: a mayor, city council member, board of supervisors, etc.

Pfizer and Moderna CEOs could call for this to prove to the world that their product is safe! What do they have to lose??

Any mainstream newspaper in the world could call for this.

Let’s be honest here. None of those people will call for transparency. They don’t want transparency. They all want to make sure nobody finds out the truth because when they do, all of these people will be discredited for years if not decades for their role in killing over 100,000 Americans.

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