by The Inmate

The Corporate Asylum really began as an underground paper when I worked at DHL Airways (an overnight delivery company) in San Diego…probably around 1987 or 1988. It was first called “The San-D Mate” (SAN is an airport code) a parody of the company publication called “The Checkmate”. The name quickly changed to “The DHL Inmate” and eventually to simply “The Inmate.” The paper nearly got me fired….but that’s another story.

The Corporate Asylum was my attempt to bring my thoughts on corporate culture to a wider audience via this new thing called “The World Wide Web”. The website debuted around 1995 and new material was added up until around 2004.

DHL laid me off in 2003 and in 2006 I started a web development business: Sweet Thursday Web Development. Now that I work for myself…..I haven’t had the desire to write or read about corporate culture, a culture that I don’t miss much at all. I miss the people I worked with and some of the jokes…..but only some of the jokes.

Since Dilbert is still popular, I doubt that much has changed in the corporate world since I left, so it’s highly possible that some of what appears here will still apply to any of you currently commuting to cubicles, mailrooms, warehouses and offices. Enjoy.

The Inmate
March 2012

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