All Along the Watchtower

This is an essay by Dr. Robert Malone. It’s important because he delves into his personal history with biodefense. The subtitle is:

Would the Russian invasion of Ukraine be justified if it were for biodefense?

Early in the essay he writes:

I have spent most of my career deeply involved in the US Biodefense enterprise.  I have worked closely with biodefense research teams at USAMRIID, DTRA, and MIT Lincoln Lab. I was once a business partner with a retired CIA officer who was deeply involved in the DoD biodefense enterprise, and I have co-published with another.  I once worked for the Dynport Vaccine Company, which had the DoD contract for “advanced development” (basically, clinical testing) of virtually all biodefense medical countermeasures for the US Department of Defense. My father worked as a federal defense contractor all his life, as did my father in law.  In my father’s case, it was mostly in high energy systems- including developing technologies for protection against the electromagnetic surge effects of “the bomb” as well as exploding foil – the technology used to trigger “the bomb”.  My father in-law ran the Raytheon special projects division – basically a CIA gadget and technology shop.  Think “Q” from the James Bond series. This is a byzantine world that I have deep understanding of, and direct experience with for virtually my entire life. I lived by the mantra which all DC bureaucrats know – keep your head down, because if they cannot see you, they cannot shoot you.

He knows what he’s talking about. Then he says:

But I never really allowed myself to confront the possibility that we might not be the good guys, the white hats.  Until I experienced what we have all been through over the last two years.

Many of us have experienced the same thing in our own worlds. Take the time to read this, it’s a good one.

Read Malone’s “All Along the Watchtower”

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