Allen Savory – What Is Science?

Allen Savory about what science (really) is (and should [be]). 1:45 Fragment of “Return to Eden” by Marijn Poels, beautiful docu, worth to watch…

Video Text from YouTube:

What Is science? People talk glibbery about science. What Is science?
People coming out of a univerisity with a masterdegree or PhD and when you take them into the field, and they letterly don’t believe anything if it is not in a peer-reviewed paper. That is the only thing they accept. And when you say something: let’s observe, let’s think, let’s discuss, they don’t do it!

They say: “Is it in a peer-review or not?” That is their view of science. I think that is pathetic!
They go into universities as bright young people and come out of it brain dead, not even knowing what science means. They think it means pear-reviewed papers etc, no! That is academia. And if a paper is peer-reviewed, it means everybody thought the same before they approved it.

An unintended consequence is that when new knowledge amurges, new scientific insights, they can never ever be peer-reviewed.So we blocking all new advances in science, that are big advances.

If you look back to the breakthroughs in science, almost always the don’t come from the centre of that profession, they come from the fringe, people see it differently.

The finest candlemakers in the world couldn’t even think of electric lights. They don’t come from within, the offers come from the outside the breaks.

We going to kill ourselves because of stupidity.

Allen Savory – 2020

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