Are Mandates Disappearing?

The answer to this is both yes and no. States are rolling back mask mandates, which seems to me to be more of a “let’s throw the dogs some bones” than anything else. We know masks have never done anything anyway, so now many of our state regimes are trying to make us all feel good by offering this to us on a silver platter. Here are some headlines:

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a good thing. It’s great to see people’s faces again, but let’s remember what mandates are still in place. Here are some recent headlines about vaccine mandates:

And here are some of the mandates still in place:

  • Healthcare workers (in facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid) still have to be vaccinated to work, upheld by the SCOTUS.
  • Many, many companies still require employees to be vaccinated (Google, American Express and CVS to only name a few)
  • Here in California, there are three bills, that if passed would (two of them are not mandates, but relate):
    • Allow children 12 years to get vaccinated without their parent’s permission (SB-866)
    • Require all employees of private and public companies including independent contractors to be vaccinated (AB-1993)
    • Punish doctors for spreading misinformation (AB-2098)

The U.S. Government, far from backing off on vaccinations, is pushing forward as evidenced by the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that just came out in March of 2022. Some of their key points under “Goal One: Protect against, and treat, COVID-19” are:

  • Launch an effort to vaccinate America’s youngest children as soon as the FDA authorizes and CDC recommends a vaccine, ensuring that Americans – of all ages – can get the protection of a vaccine
  • Accelerate research and development toward a single COVID vaccine that protects against SARS­ CoV-2 and all its variants, as well as previous SARS-origin viruses
  • Increase American manufacturing capacity to reliably produce an additional 1 billion vaccine doses per year – three times the U.S. population
  • Continue to mobilize our network of tens of thousands of sites to deliver shots
  • Enhance vaccinations outreach and education efforts to reach the unvaccinated, promote boosters, get our kids vaccinated; and continue to combat misinformation and disinformation [emphasis mine]

The document never uses the word “mandate”, but it’s not likely they are backing off from trying to get every man, woman and child vaccinated. It’s possible with the release of the Pfizer documents the vaccination mandates, not just the mask mandates, may begin to fall and if I see the federal vaccination mandate for healthcare workers bite the dust, I’ll be a believer.

The document is also careful to word removing mask mandates in such way that the option is still left open if the need arises. Trust me, the need will arise.

The World Economic Forum, that bastion of freedom and human rights and where most of the world gets its marching orders, in their video “What Living With COVID-19 Will Look Like,” list number 2 as:

Step up vaccination rates around the world

As so many have said elsewhere, none of this stops until we stop it with mass civil disobedience on a worldwide scale. They have no intention of backing off on getting and keeping us all vaccinated on a regular basis.

Also, let’s not forget that the Biden administration has not removed the National Emergency for the country.

Never Forget!

So we can’t get complacent or think we’ve won when there are still many battles to be fought. Even if they drop all the mandates while everyone’s attention is on the shiny new war in Ukraine, the people who pushed all of this on us, who destroyed people’s businesses, who killed people with their policies and who continue to kill and maim people with these “vaccines” must be held accountable.

  • “I’m sorry,” is not enough.
  • “I didn’t really have a choice,” is not enough.
  • “I didn’t know,” is not enough.
  • “It was an honest mistake,” is not enough.

Even prison or the death penalty will not be enough, but it’s the best we’ve got.



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The Inmate

To my point in this blog, Steve Kirsh reports “Mask mandates don’t work, so they will be extended. The two mandates that do work won’t be used anywhere.” Then he says, “We extend the mandates that do nothing and we ignore the mandates that would work. That’s just the way ‘science’ works in today’s world. Get used to it.” Here’s his overview of his article:

  • Mask mandates don’t work at all, so they are being extended on public transportation.
  • There are two mandates, based on science, that are effective: 1) if you are sick, stay home until your symptoms resolve and 2) if you exhibit COVID symptoms, start a proven early treatment protocol immediately. Unfortunately for us, no public health official is ever going to mandate either measure (it would make too much sense to do that).

You can read Kirsch’s full article:


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