Are the Unvaccinated Being Tracked? Will They be Tracked?

Back in February I wrote a short story (The Interview) about a doctor who asks a patient if he is vaccinated against COVID-19, a question the patient refuses to answer.

The article below by Dr. Mercola shows why my fictional character and the rest of us real characters should not let doctors or agencies know our vaccination status.

  • Media Covers Up Tracking of Unvaccinated People

    Our information should be private from prying eyes, but the CDC does not see it that way:

    As noted in the HHS’s and CDC’s HIPAA guidance:

    “Balancing the protection of individual health information with the need to protect public health, the Privacy Rule expressly permits disclosures without individual authorization to public health authorities authorized by law to collect or receive the information for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability, including but not limited to public health surveillance, investigation, and intervention …

    “[T]he Privacy Rule expressly permits PHI [protected health information] to be shared for specified public health purposes. For example, covered entities may disclose PHI, without individual authorization, to a public health authority legally authorized to collect or receive the information for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability …

    “Further, the Privacy Rule permits covered entities to make disclosures that are required by other laws, including laws that require disclosures for public health purposes.”

    There was a time when I probably would have believed that collecting this information was “for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability…”, but not anymore. I have no trust in any of our government agencies. They must be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up…a better idea would be simply to dismantle them. I’m sure we’d all get along fine without them.

    The CDC also says:

    While HIPAA limits the use and disclosure of health information, it also permits certain secondary use exceptions for public health purposes. HIPAA provides certain circumstances under which patient data can be disclosed to health departments without patient authorization.

    Under HIPAA, providers may disclose identifiable patient data (protected health information or PHI) if required by law, allowing states to pass legal exceptions to HIPAA restrictions.

    Providers may disclose EHI [electronic health information] without patient authorization when the data have been ‘de-identified’ … but still permits re-identification by providers or regional health information organizations through randomized patient source codes should a public health alert or case report become necessary.

    Mercola writes:

    So, can your vaccination status be accessed by federal health agencies? Yes. Can that information be identifiable? Absolutely yes. Does that mean that you, as an individual, could be surveilled and/or get caught in a forced vaccination dragnet or end up experiencing negative repercussions in other areas of your life due to your vaccination status? Probably.

    This is from the “ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee Meeting” in September:

    During the current time of the COVID-19 pandemic, immunizations have provided protection for many people, but there is interest in being able to track people who are not immunized or only partially immunized.[emphasis mine]

    Mercola writes about another code:

    The use of “delinquent immunization status” under code Z28.39 also tells us something about where this is all headed. “Delinquent” means being “neglectful of a duty” or being “guilty of an offense.” Is refusing boosters a criminal offense? Perhaps not today, but someday, it might be, and these codes lay the foundation for that kind of medical persecution.

    Mercola continues:

    Incidentally, the fact that the WHO develops and manages these codes also means that the WHO has approved these new codes that track vaccination status, and we already know that the WHO is working on a global vaccine passport.

    To work properly, a global vaccine passport system needs a global vaccination database, and there’s no telling what privacy measures, if any, such a database might end up with. What we do know is that white papers and proposed legislation published during the COVID era that discuss health tracking and/or vaccine passports have stressed that privacy concerns must be relaxed or dropped altogether to ensure global biosecurity.

    And Mercola concludes:

    So, to bring us full circle back to where we started, while media are now trying to lull you to sleep with “promises” that there’s nothing nefarious about tracking the unvaccinated or “undervaccinated,” think long and hard before you close your eyes to the possibility that this is all part of biosecurity-based totalitarian control grid.


Faux Movie Poster: Z28.310. The unvaccinated code. Once they label you they will find you.

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