The Asylum Unjust 100 goes to: Hershey

America's Most UNJUST Companies

awarded to

On Hershey’s website, on the home page, at the top, the first thing you read, in big bold letters, is this:

Doing the Right Thing for Our Communities, People and Planet

Along with that they have a very nice looking emblem awarded to them from the propaganda machine of CNBC. It reads:

America’s Most Just Companies CNBC 2022

To the right of that, giddy Hershey proclaims:


This is the third consecutive year they made the CNBC Just 100 list. I guess they didn’t hear that the Supreme Court blocked Biden’s mandates for large companies. They missed that memo, apparently. That’s probably why they are firing unvaccinated employees. Tough love, I guess.

The Epoch Times reports:

On the way out the door, Hershey is asking employees to sign a nine-page confidentiality and release agreement that would remove their rights to sue the company or talk about their experience.

And the experience was bad: coercion, inappropriate questioning and more.

If you sign the paper you get a “special separation payment.” That’s evil. That IS evil. Thankfully, not everyone is signing.

The first ASYLUM Unjust 100 award goes to Hershey for not doing the right thing for their people, for making their people choose between an experimental drug and their livelihood and then trying to bribe their people with money, when they most need it, to not sue Hershey or say anything about the process in the future.

One more thing. I’ll never buy another Hershey’s product again.

Read The Epoch Times Article

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