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Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

  • Don’t Play Ball with the Devil

    The enemy we face today is larger, more encompassing and determined not just to kill bodies but to destroy the very foundations of human identity. They have seemingly limitless power at their command, firm control over communications, and they rely on thoughtless minions to further their ideologically and physically murderous aims.

    They will never be defeated by compromise or acquiescence, because this battle is a culminating one. This battle is one that will require of us, of the stubborn minority, the courage to sacrifice our homes and livelihoods and material possessions. Yes, it’s that big, that overwhelming, that final, even if it may be beyond our comprehensive faculties.

    It will require that we no longer play ball with the Devil.

    — Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.
    Our Salamis: It's Time (Opens new window)

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  • Will they toe the line again?

    The predominant majority, who had neither the wit nor inclination to question authority, even when that authority was patently absurd, are still here. Few of them know anything about the WHO or central bank digital currencies, and fewer still even care. Few connect the rise in heart attacks and kidney ailments and cancers with the jab, or the increase in anxiety problems with the lockdowns, or the trampling of unalienable rights with tyranny.

    When the next onslaught against us occurs, will this majority toe the line and take the broad gate leading to destruction once again?

    — Emanuel E. Garcia, MD
    Bored, Bludgeoned, and Tired (Opens new window)

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  • Our governments were never interested in health

    Our governments were never interested in health, our doctors never strong enough to faithfully uphold the tenets of their precious duty – barring those few who paid the price of losing livelihoods and licences for daring to be faithful to their principles.

    — Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D., NewZealandDoc
    "The Wages of Fear" (Opens new window)

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