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Glenn Greenwald

  • Glenn Greenwald on Censorship

    Their crime [Russians with Attitude], like the crime of so many other banished accounts [on Twitter], was not disinformation but skepticism about the US/NATO propaganda campaign. Put another way, it is not “disinformation” but rather viewpoint-error that is targeted for silencing. One can spread as many lies and as much disinformation as one wants provided that it is designed to advance the NATO agenda in Ukraine (just as one is free to spread disinformation provided that its purpose is to strengthen the Democratic Party, which wields its majoritarian power in Washington to demand greater censorship and commands the support of most of Silicon Valley). But what one cannot do is question the NATO/Ukrainian propaganda framework without running a very substantial risk of banishment.

    — Glenn Greenwald
    Western Dissent from US/NATO Policy on Ukraine is Small, Yet the Censorship Campaign is Extreme (Opens new window)

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