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Joe Allen

  • Cynically Exploited Riot

    The reality is there was no “deadly insurrection”—just a cynically exploited riot. Nor was there a “Plan”—just a lot of cynically exploited patriots mourning the loss of their country.

    The situation has only deteriorated. As we enter a new election cycle plagued by tribal fury, open borders, wars overseas, an untrustworthy voting system, articulate AI agents, sophisticated deepfake software, and more digital delusions than an Asian internet cafe in hell, something tells me we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Insist on the best for America. This is our home. End of story.

    But brace yourself for the worst. The storm isn’t coming. It’s already here.

    — Joe Allen
    "A Sullen Anniversary," Singularity Weekly (Opens new window)

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