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Jordan Schachtel

  • On the Death of the Public Health Expert

    What is left of the Public Health expert class is a variety of ridiculous people who, like the last members of a dying cult, are lashing out to justify what is left of their relevance. The entire Public Health schtick has been exposed as fraudulent. COVID Mania showed us that this outfit is largely nothing more than ideological authoritarians, failed statisticians, midwit academics, and the occasional academic MD who advocates via virtue signal for their non existent patient roster.

    — Jordan Schachtel
    The death throes of the 'Public Health expert' (Opens new window)

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  • The Mask Cult

    The mask is many things. It is a political virtue signal, a sign of obedience, a tool for enhanced compliance, a shaming mechanism, a sign of a superiority/inferiority complex, and a constant reminder of the inhumanity of our ruling class. It had nothing to do with science.

    — Jordan Schachtel
    The Dossier (Opens new window)

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