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Kit Knightly

  • Predictions for Next “Pandemic”

    So what am I officially predicting for the “next pandemic”?

    1. It will[sic] won’t be launched until after the major elections this year, because they want new politic faces untarnished by Covid
    2. It will likely be bird flu or some other respiratory disease, launched in the winter to hijack the real flu season again
    3. The chosen disease will fit into one or more pre-existing agenda – either impacting food or originating from some forced “climate change” connection or both
    4. They will move faster, producing “vaccines” in 100 days to stop people getting wise to the deception as they did with Covid
    5. They will try and avoid lockdowns, but use them as a threat to enforce vaccine mandates more rigorously
    6. They will clamp down harder on “mis- and dis-information” before launching the new narrative.
    7. The next pandemic will have a multipolarity angle to establish a fake binary

    — Kit Knightly
    Bird Flu, Censorship & 100 Day Vaccines: 7 Predictions for “The Next Pandemic”, Off Guardian (Opens new window)

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