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Ramesh Thakur

  • The WHO: An Inept, Power Hungry Bureaucracy

    The WHO is first of all an international bureaucracy and only secondly a collective body of medical and health experts. Its COVID-19 performance was not among its finest. Its credibility was badly damaged by tardiness in raising the alarm; by its acceptance and then rejection of China’s claim that there was no risk of human-to-human transmission; by the failure to hold China accountable for destroying evidence of the pandemic’s origins; by the initial investigation that whitewashed the origins of the virus; by flip-flops on masks and lockdowns; by ignoring the counterexample of Sweden that rejected lockdowns with no worse health outcomes and far better economic, social, and educational outcomes; and by the failure to stand up for children’s developmental, educational, social, and mental health rights and welfare.

    — Ramesh Thakur
    The WHO Wants to Rule the World (Opens new window)

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