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  • I finally now can never forgive them.

    And now, to get to the point of my piece, we have found out from an OIA this week that secret deals were made for 11,000 jab exemptions. I am dumbfounded, shocked.

    I actually do not have the words for how gutted and betrayed I feel. This is beyond anything. After all the threats, coercion, marginalisation, personal health effects, and being called a conspiracy theorist – to find out the Labour Government conspired with its officials to gaslight us, force us to be jabbed, lie it was safe and fully tested, while all the while quietly letting “their own” off the hook.

    I finally now can never forgive them. The further damage this does to the very shaky Te Whatu Ora is yet to be seen, but it will do nothing to strengthen the recovery that must happen. I have nothing but contempt for the people who are meant to run the health system, and now after thirty years of working for them, I feel absolutely no loyalty. I do not see how I can keep working for them after their two-faced betrayal.

    — Toobaffled
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