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Excess Mortality. Pharma INC. You'll die happy! Sir, I think it's time to start backtracking.

What else are they going to do? As the evidence mounts they can’t stick with the narrative. Okay, don’t worry—many, many will. But those who don’t will try to insinuate that you would have done the same thing and that they only had the best of intentions. We just didn’t know! Please, don’t throw us in jail. We killed your Mom and your Dad and your brother and your sister and your aunt and your uncle and we even killed grandma and grandpa too. But it was all a big mistake and actually the vaccines are working…don’t forget that…they’re mostly safe and effective. Don’t forget to get boosted!

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  • VIDEO - Vaccine position reversal compilation
  • It’s Official: We Can Pretty Much Treat Covid Like the Flu Now. Here’s a Guide. [CDC Backtracks]
  • mistakes were made: [francis] collins edition
  • Boris Johnson admits mistakes were made and says ‘sorry’ to Covid victims
  • Fauci...Again
  • Gavin Newsom
  • The FDA
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Fauci
  • Justin Trudeau...
  • Vaccine injuries become the dominant theme of German reporting on the mRNA jabs, as the Covid vaccinations face unacknowledged yet ever wider cultural and social repudiation
  • Years After ‘Screw Your Freedom’ Statement, Arnold Schwarzenegger Issues Public Apology: “I’m Sorry for Saying Those Words”
  • Karl Lauterbach, Germany's Federal Minister of Health
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer

  • VIDEO - Vaccine position reversal compilation

  • It’s Official: We Can Pretty Much Treat Covid Like the Flu Now. Here’s a Guide. [CDC Backtracks]

    Subtitle of the article:

    New guidelines from the CDC Friday bring Covid precautions in line with those of other respiratory viruses

    WSJ Article Screenshot. It's Offical: We Can Pretty Much Treat Covid Like the Flu Now. Here's a Guide

  • mistakes were made: [francis] collins edition

    Here’s what Francis Collins had to say:

    if you’re a public health person, and you’re trying to make a decision, you have this very narrow view of what the right decision is, and that is something that will save a life. doesn’t matter what else happens, so you attach infinite value to stopping the disease and saving a life. you attach zero value to whether this actually totally disrupts people’s lives, ruins the economy, and has many kids kept out of school in a way that they never might quite recover from. this is a public health mindset… and that was really unfortunate, it’s another mistake we made.

    -francis collins, head of NIH (tony fauci’s boss) during covid and during the funding of ecohealth alliance’s viral gain of function programs at the wuhan institute of virology.

    What this willfully, evil idiot doesn’t tell you is that he helped squash The Great Barrington Declaration, along with anything that had to do with alternative treatments (specifically Ivermectin).

    Here’s what the incomparable Bad Cat says about that:

    the man who was helping run public health response (after funding the creation of the virus that was so badly reacted to) says “well, gee, i guess we just did not think about the second and third order effects of our choices when we used a flame thrower to clear the ants off the kitchen counter.”

    this is beyond appalling.

    it’s the mindset and action of a cartoon villain.

    el gato malo also writes this:

    there has never been a pandemic that was materially dangerous to a modern society except in the rare instances that the societies in question lost their minds in over-reaction. that is always the prime danger, not a virus, respiratory or otherwise.

    Read the rest of malo’s article…well worth it.

  • Boris Johnson admits mistakes were made and says ‘sorry’ to Covid victims

    Got to hell, Boris.

    Boris Johnson has said he takes personal responsibility for mistakes made in the handling of the pandemic as he apologised to victims at the UK Covid-19 Inquiry.

    The former prime minister said his government should have “unquestionably” done things differently but insisted “we did our level best” in “very difficult” circumstances.

    His highly-anticipated appearance was hit by protests as he began issuing an apology to victims of the pandemic.

    Four people were removed from the hearing room after they held up signs reading: “The Dead can’t hear your apologies.”

    “Can I just say how glad I am to be at this inquiry and how sorry I am for the pain and the loss and the suffering of the Covid victims,” Mr Johnson said.

    He went on to acknowledge that his government made errors, saying: “So many people suffered, so many people lost their lives.

    “Inevitably, in the course of trying to handle a very, very difficult pandemic in which we had to balance appalling harms on either side of the decision, we may have made mistakes.”

    Mr Johnson also said: “I take personal responsibility for all the decisions that we made.”

    And this:

    He said: “With hindsight, it may be easy to see things that we could have done differently or it may be possible to see things that we could have done differently.

    “At the time, I felt and I know that everybody else felt that we were doing our best in very difficult circumstances to protect life and protect the NHS.”

  • Fauci...Again

    While speaking to ABC’s Jonathan Karl on This Week earlier this fall , Fauci was asked who should be taking the new COVID booster.

    “I believe we should give the choice to people that are not in the high-risk groups, to have the vaccine available for them,” Fauci replied.

    Choice is the key word here. It’s a stark contrast to Fauci’s previous support of the White House’s vaccine mandate that required private companies to demand vaccination as a condition of employment.

    “We know that mandates work,” Fauci told Wolf Blitzer in October 2021. “So, although you’d like people to do it on their own accord, sometimes mandates actually can help in that regard.”

    Fauci’s new position isn’t just that low-risk people should get to choose, however, as his statement might imply. Fauci would subsequently imply that even high-risk people should be given a choice.

    “Make [the vaccine] available to everyone, but certainly recommend it to high-risk people,” Fauci told Karl.

    It’s a stunning reversal. Fauci is now using words such as “choice” and “recommend” in relation to vaccines — even for high-risk people. Talking points about the efficacy of mandates have vanished ( including mask mandates).

    And this on Fauci:

    Fauci is perhaps the most prolific serial killer in the history of the world, and as such he is a cunning psychopath that acutely appreciates that his days are numbered. He is hedging his bets now, knowing full well that his handlers could at any moment sacrifice him on the alter of whichever “pandemic” psyop they may deploy next, or as one of the many patsies for the increasingly difficult to coverup VAIDS-induced excess deaths surge.

  • Gavin Newsom

    his [Newsom’s] instantly infamous interview has some real whoppers in terms of self serving framings.

    “I think we would’ve done everything differently,” Newsom said in a taped interview set to air on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.

    “I think all of us in terms of our collective wisdom, we’ve evolved. We didn’t know what we didn’t know. We’re experts in hindsight. We’re all geniuses now.”

    sorry, but taking the world on a misadventure of unprecedented policy whose harms were obvious to anyone with two braincells to rub together and whose benefits were (at best) speculative and (in reality) known to be illusory and literally directly contra-indicated by 100 years of standing pandemic guidelines rooted in evidence based assessment is not “oopsie, we didn’t know what we didn’t know.” this is something altogether different.

    the precautionary principle warns against itself. it warns against taking rash actions without sound basis, especially if their costs are vast. it does not say “hey, when you don’t know stuff, do the biggest, craziest thing you can think of, especially if it has no history of working!”

    “genius now” or no, he was a world class idiot then.

    he, like many others, were cowards and fools. they not only got it all wrong, but they adopted stances of savage coercion and endless moral hectoring over it. they trampled any who tried to speak sense and vilified any who sought to take a more sensible course. they censored, they othered, they marginalized. this was the same guy pushing laws forbidding doctors from even speaking to patients about topics of which the state did not approve.

    Also remember Newsom signed into law AB 2098. I don’t hear him regretting that and he never will.

  • The FDA

    The attorney for the FDA said this:

    FDA was not regulating the off-label use of drugs These statements are not regulations they have no legal consequences they don’t prohibit doctors from prescribing Ivermectin to treat COVID or for any other purpose. Quite to the contrary there are three instances I’d like to point the court to in the record that show that FDA explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID.

    This is what the old farmer out in Missouri, standing by his tractor looking over the field he just spent most of the day plowing would say, “That’s bullshit.”

    And it is. Kunstler comments in the next paragraph after this:

    How true is that? The FDA coerced Blue Cross and other insurers to warn doctors not to prescribe ivermectin for Covid-19, and likewise the Federation of State Medical Boards and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to not fill doctor’s prescriptions for ivermectin for Covid-19 patients, despite the fact that it was among the best, most effective, and safest treatments for the disease. The FDA put out public service announcements telling Americans not to take ivermectin. The net effect was that state medical boards persecuted doctors for prescribing the drug (e.g., Maine Medical Board’s persecution of Dr. Meryl Nass). Also that hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 patients were denied early treatment, many of whom died.

    We all know why the FDA pretended that ivermectin was not allowed to be used. Because it would have removed the Emergency Use Authorization that designated mRNA shots as the sole response to Covid, and it would have obviated the pharma companies’ liability shield for anything that went wrong. Of course, the whole damn thing went wrong and millions are now paying the price. Is this the beginning of the unwind of a colossal crime by those Rich Men North of Richmond against the people of this land?

    FDA: Don't be a horse.

    Source: new window)

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Article title:

    Meta Man Zuckerberg: Yeah, We Lied and Censored You During Covid—Oops

    Zuck the Fuck says:

    But then I think that there are other places where it is, it just takes some of the stuff around COVID earlier on in the pandemic where there were, you know, real health implications, but there hadn’t been time to fully vet a bunch of the scientific assumptions and you know, unfortunately, I think a lot of the kind of establishment on that kind of waffled on a bunch of facts and, you know, asked for a bunch of things to be censored that in retrospect ended up being you know more debatable or true.[emphasis Bob Hoge]

  • Fauci

    First of all, Fauci will never actually backtrack. He may start to sound like he’s headed in that direction, but ultimately that is never going to happen. This quote is emblematic of that:

    Of course we could have done better. We tried. If you look at what I was saying in the months before I stepped down, and what Ashish Jha is saying to this day, it’s that if you are vaccinated and boosted and have available therapy, you are not going to die, no matter how old you are. We were very explicit in saying that. Did people hear that? I don’t know. How loud do you have to say something for people to understand? How often have you got to say it?

    See? It’s all your fault. Of course it is.

  • Justin Trudeau...

    From one of the biggest assholes in the world and the biggest one in Canada, Trudeau said:

    Misinformation and disinformation is carrying people to believe things that are untrue. Vaccinations is a perfect example of it. Like any modern bit of medical advancements, there are potential side effects in vaccinations. And there are people who’ve probably gotten very sick from vaccinations….Individuals are allowed to make their own choices…

    And all of the scientists and the medical experts and the researchers, not just in Canada but around the world, understood that vaccination was going to be the way through this. And therefore while not forcing anyone to get vaccinated, I chose to make sure all the incentives and all the protections were there to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated. And that’s exactly what they did. We got vaccinated to a higher level than just about any other of our peer countries….[emphasis is Dr. Panda’s]

  • Vaccine injuries become the dominant theme of German reporting on the mRNA jabs, as the Covid vaccinations face unacknowledged yet ever wider cultural and social repudiation

    This is entire article is about backtracking in Germany. Here’s a taste:

    Last month, German Health Minister and renowned virus pest Karl Lauterbach gave a remarkable interview in which he denounced “exorbitant” pharmaceutical profits, deplored “dismaying” vaccine injuries, and called for the manufacturers to set aside funds for those who have been harmed. He did so amid a growing wave of reporting on vaccine injuries in the German press – a wave which his statements have now turned into a tsunami. In the weeks since, vaccine injuries and side effects have become the dominant theme of German press coverage on the jabs, from local papers to national media.

  • Years After ‘Screw Your Freedom’ Statement, Arnold Schwarzenegger Issues Public Apology: “I’m Sorry for Saying Those Words”

    Arnold said this on Twitter:

    I’m sorry for saying those words. I try to be relentlessly positive, but sometimes my mouth gets ahead of me. I should have communicated better.”

    Sorry for saying those words? I should have communicated better? What exactly do you mean, Arnold? That you should have said the same thing, but in a more acceptable way? Something like, “You’re all just going to have to get the vaccine to save Grandma. I wish there was another way but there’s not.” Is that what you wanted to say? Because that was bullshit too.

    Screw your apology, Arnold.

    And I won’t ever apologize for writing that.

  • Karl Lauterbach, Germany's Federal Minister of Health

    In 2021 he claimed in a Tweet that COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ had no side-effects. Remarkably, his current admission is, “That was an exaggeration that I once made in an ill-considered Tweet. It did not represent my true position.“! It is egregious that a federal Minister of Health is admitting this AFTER coercing most people to get the shots and claiming everyone gave fully informed consent. After a desperate attempt to backpedal, all while looking incredibly uncomfortable, Lauterbach was called out by the interviewer for repeatedly promoting his message that the shots were “more or less free of side-effects”.

    About the vaccine-induced injuries good ol’ Karl said:

    I’ve always been aware of the numbers. They have remained relatively stable. …1:10,000some may say that’s a lot, and some may say it’s not that much.

  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer

    “There were moments where, you know, we had to make some decisions that in retrospect don’t make a lot of sense, right? If you went to the hardware store, you could go to the hardware store but we didn’t want people to be congregating around the garden supplies,” Whitmer said.

    “People said ‘oh, she’s outlawed seeds.’ It was February in Michigan, no one was planting anyway,” she continued. “But that being said, some of those policies I look back and think, you know, maybe that was a little more than what we needed to do.”

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