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Excess Mortality. Pharma INC. You'll die happy! Sir, I think it's time to start backtracking.

What else are they going to do? As the evidence mounts they can’t stick with the narrative. Okay, don’t worry—many, many will. But those who don’t will try to insinuate that you would have done the same thing and that they only had the best of intentions. We just didn’t know! Please, don’t throw us in jail. We killed your Mom and your Dad and your brother and your sister and your aunt and your uncle and we even killed grandma and grandpa too. But it was all a big mistake and actually the vaccines are working…don’t forget that…they’re mostly safe and effective. Don’t forget to get boosted!

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Excess Mortality.

Pharma INC
You’ll die happy!

Sir, I think it’s time to start backtracking.

  • Karl Lauterbach, Germany's Federal Minister of Health

    In 2021 he claimed in a Tweet that COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ had no side-effects. Remarkably, his current admission is, “That was an exaggeration that I once made in an ill-considered Tweet. It did not represent my true position.“! It is egregious that a federal Minister of Health is admitting this AFTER coercing most people to get the shots and claiming everyone gave fully informed consent. After a desperate attempt to backpedal, all while looking incredibly uncomfortable, Lauterbach was called out by the interviewer for repeatedly promoting his message that the shots were “more or less free of side-effects”.

    About the vaccine-induced injuries good ol’ Karl said:

    I’ve always been aware of the numbers. They have remained relatively stable. …1:10,000some may say that’s a lot, and some may say it’s not that much.

  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer

    “There were moments where, you know, we had to make some decisions that in retrospect don’t make a lot of sense, right? If you went to the hardware store, you could go to the hardware store but we didn’t want people to be congregating around the garden supplies,” Whitmer said.

    “People said ‘oh, she’s outlawed seeds.’ It was February in Michigan, no one was planting anyway,” she continued. “But that being said, some of those policies I look back and think, you know, maybe that was a little more than what we needed to do.”

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