Beware of Aliens

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For two years it has been COVID, COVID, COVID and more COVID. Get the jab, wear the mask, it’s terrible, we’re all going to die…unless we comply.

Now for four weeks it’s been all Russia and Ukraine. We’re all going to die…again. You’re a Nazi if you question anything or mention biolabs or don’t post a Ukranian flag on at least three social media platforms. World War III, nuclear destruction, people are dying, pick up your guns and go fight! Send your sons and daughters to…to…where is Ukraine again? We must guard their borders even if we don’t know where those borders are. I know where our borders are…maybe we should try guarding those? Maybe a good idea?

Now it’s looking as if Russia and Ukraine might be able to come to some sort of an agreement (I hope they do). Definitely not what the U.S. government or the Davos elites want. How can you make money if you’re not selling military equipment during an extended war? What if we come back from the brink of WWIII? What will the globalist elites turn to then?


Watch out folks. COVID is dead. The war may be dead. What have they got to resort to?


They could try another virus…and they may…but we’re onto them and they know it. Another virus is not going to play well. But aliens, now that would play well. That would scare the shit out of everyone, right? We’re all primed for aliens. We’ve all seen them in the movies for the last 50 years. Did you notice how quickly people were willing to jump on the Ukraine bandwagon listening to a government and a media that has lied to us for well over 2 years and beyond? Now it’s suddenly time to trust them?

It’s disturbing.

Imagine an alien threat, followed by an invasion. The CGI would be spectacular. It would be Capricorn One(opens new window) on steroids. They could suspend elections, enforce lockdowns and curfews and even blow up a couple of cities just to make it look good. The Mainstream Media would freaking love it! It would be like watching a science fiction movie every night. Breathless anchors opining about the end of the world; in the field journalists standing in front of green screens…I mean, alien spaceships downed by our brave Chinese and Russian comrades. Unity at last! Only a one world government would make us strong enough to defeat the evil aliens and Pfizer would, no doubt, have a vaccine for the alien virus, probably have one ready now. Boosters galore!

Honestly, I’m thinking it would be a lot better than anything Hollywood has put out in the last 10 years.

Who’s bringing the popcorn?

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The Inmate

Now this from the Select Committee on intelligence:

“Modification of Requirement for Office to Address Unidentified Aerospace-Undersea Phenomena

At a time when cross-domain transmedium threats to United States national security are expanding exponentially, the Committee is disappointed with the slow pace of DoD-led efforts to establish the office to address those threats and to replace the former Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force as required in Section 1683 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022.”

The language here is interesting: “expanding exponentially.” You can read the above on the report here:

The Inmate

Dr. Tess Lawrie writes a compelling article about this.

Here’s some of what she says:

“Holy Wood was a place the druids of old went to cast spells, and Hollywood is the spell-casting arena of the megalomaniac cabal, where they cast their spell-binding predictive programming.”

“In the years before he died of cancer [Werner von Braun] he revealed to a junior corporate colleague, Dr Carol Rosin, that the final card to be played on humanity is “the alien card”. Von Braun told her “Over and over”, apparently, to remember the last card saying, ‘We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens, and all of it, he said, is a lie.'”

“So putting myself in the shoes of the megalomaniac cabal and imagining how they are feeling about us ‘awakening wonders’, to borrow a term from Russel Brand, I sense that desperation and fear may be leading them to play their final “alien card” fairly soon, perhaps even this summer. Learning that they worship inversion and that total enslavement is their goal, my punt would be as close to the American Independence Day – the 4th of July [2023] – as possible.”

She ends the article with this:

If and when an extra-terrestrial invasion happens this summer, please know it’s fake – don’t fall for it.

The Inmate

The Fake Alien Invasion of 2024 by Dr. Joseph Sansone.

They may just try it.

“Since most elected politicians and heads of state have participated in gross crimes against humanity and have participated in lockdowns, a deadly gene therapy experiment, and have censored free speech and rights of assembly, it would be a long shot to bet on the integrity of politicians at all levels of government. As to whether humanity would fall for the scam, do you recall the people wearing masks and following the little lines on the floor in the stores? Standing six feet apart? Haven’t we been told that five billion people took the Covid gene therapy shots?”

The Inmate

Another article on the day before the UAP (UFO) hearings in Congress. “Urgency in Disclosure: Tomorrow’s UFO hearing will shift the Overton Window.”

“So why is there an urgency in disclosure? There are two possible reasons. Firstly, UFO/alien disclosure is coming and it is out of the hands of the US government. Someone is forcing them to show their hand and so they want to get ahead of the game. Getting ahead of the game would also mean softening the psychological impact on citizens if some sort of disclosure took place because without it, chaos would ensue.

The second reason is that there is an urgent and impending matter, such as an economic crash, that will require a massive distraction. Once again, without such a distraction, chaos will ensue. This shift in the Overton Window will allow radical solutions as cover for the real crisis.

I would suggest the second reason is most likely. Why would aliens deal exclusively with the US government and agree some protracted disclosure over decades. And that disclosure comes at the very time that a massive distraction is required. It makes no sense.

But the urgency is concerning. People up high are worried about something big happening in the near future and require a distraction beforehand so as to bring in radical solutions.”


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