Biden’s Crypto Executive Order Ponders Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Another good article by The Epoch Times: “Biden’s Crypto EO Weighs Climate Change, Ponders Digital Dollar”. The new executive order issued by the fake president on March 9, 2022 is entitled:

Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

Responsible, my ass. What is most disturbing about this is not the mention of climate change, we already know they want to use that to rationalize anything they can. The most disturbing thing are the references to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). The White House document mentions this 34 times. The end of Section 1 says:

We must take strong steps to reduce the risks that digital assets could pose to consumers, investors, and business protections; financial stability and financial system integrity; combating and preventing crime and illicit finance; national security; the ability to exercise human rights; financial inclusion and equity; and climate change and pollution.

This is all boring doublespeak full of political cliches that mean nothing. But none of that is really what they want. What they want is control of us through a digital dollar. The Epoch Times article quotes Peter St Onge, a research fellow in economic policy at the Heritage Foundation who studies cryptocurrency:

My general view on CBDCs is that they’re an absolute abomination—they bring in a China-style surveillance state.

Exactly. At the end of Sec. 4 in The White (Tyrannical) House EO there is this:

These efforts should include…the actions required to launch a United States CBDC if doing so is deemed to be in the national interest.

Don’t worry, with this administration it will be deemed to be in their interest to do so. When they saw Canada freezing the bank accounts of protesters they all begin rubbing their hands together in unison like Nancy (Give Me Your Money) Pelosi. That was just strange (see video), a good case for demon possession might be made. Was she in The Exorcist?

After the election was stolen in 2020 and because it was done so openly many believed that the push for “The Great Reset” would begin quickly and with abandon. It did. Look what has happened in the U.S. in one short year: from energy independence to energy dependence, the destruction of our constitutional rights, the invasion on the southern border, the destruction of free speech, the targeting of political opponents, a vaccine that is killing people and a new war in Europe.

This is their chance and they’re doing everything possible to ensure that they keep and maintain power. If they can control your money through CBDC, they can far more easily control you.

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