Big News!

The Asylum has entered into contract negotiations with The Orderly, who is, as I’m sure most of you know, one the most important cartoonists of our time. Cartoonists like this come around once in a generation and hence cost a lot of money.  We are currently negotiating in the 7 figure range. Frankly, this is a bit outside our budget and we are hoping we can meet somewhere in the high 6 figures or maybe just buy him pizza and beer once a week or possibly use threats of bodily harm.

We are currently requiring new employees to get vaccinated to work here, even though employees here before the pandemic have the option. The Orderly has said no to that, but we’re still negotiating. I have no doubt he’ll eventually follow the science.

Everyone involved wants to get this deal done and we’re all feeling pretty good about it. Exciting times!

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