Buffy (Buffy Wicks, District 15 Assemblymember) the Unvaxxed Slayer

Buffy Wicks Aims to Drive a Syringe Through the Freedoms of the Unvaccinated

Buffy Wicks, who hereafter shall be named Buffy (Buffy Wicks, District 15 Assemblymember) the Unvaxxed Slayer, is the author of the new California Bill (AB 1993) which will essentially require that all employees in our once great state be vaccinated. If their employers do not show proof that their employees are vaccinated they will face fines. The bill doesn’t specify how big the fines might be, but assume they’ll be hefty. It’s for their own good. And our own good. My parents are both gone, so it’s nice to have this government replacement to make decisions for me like my parents did….oh wait, my parents turned decisions over to me long ago because I became a responsible adult. Fancy that! What were they thinking?

If you live in California and are worried about this, stop stressing. You can get an exemption for medical reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs. I can see the conversations going like this:

“I have a sincerely held religious belief. I’d like an exemption.”
“It’s obviously not sincere. NEXT!

“I have a medical condition. I’d like an exemption.”
“It’s all in your head. You look fine! Take some drugs. NEXT!

Don’t doubt me on this. Man, I’m channeling Rush, would that we still had him on the radio.

I don’t want to leave California, but I and thousands and thousands of others will if this bill passes.

“But Mr. Inmate, you don’t have to leave. Just don’t work. And we’re not forcing you to get vaccinated, not working would be your decision. It’s not our fault that stores require money, mortgages require money, gas requires money as do many other things. But think about all the free time you would have. You could gain many new friends in the homeless community. Think of the camaraderie! Plus, living out under stars in the open air is much healthier for you. Eventually, anyway, you’ll own nothing and be happy!”

Thanks Buffy (Buffy Wicks, District 15 Assemblymember) the Unvaxxed Slayer for all your fine work here in California. I’m sure U-Haul will thank you personally.

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