Busted! Bombshell! Urgent! It’s Happening!

It’s important to remain optimistic and forward-looking, but we’re not going to see any kind of near-term victory here. As I say all the time, complicity in pandemic abuses is extremely widespread. The media, the greater part of our political establishment, and our bureaucratic and academic institutions, all had a hand in these crimes. They’ll never accept blame as long as they’re still in power.

— eugyppius, Don't be fooled by dumb talkshows and the emerging disingenuous mistakes-were-made rhetoric – there will be no general Corona reckoning in Germany (Opens new window)

It’s not happening. There is no bombshell. It’s not urgent. And no one, at least on the left, is getting busted.

I’m so tired of these headlines from conservative (ostensibly) news outlets and newsletters along with conservatives on Twitter, Gettr, Gab and TruthSocial. They are meaningless.

Nothing happens.

We’ve been reading headlines like this since before Hillary illegally kept emails in her basement or wherever the hell they were. We had Hillary, remember? We had Bill, remember? We had Epstein and it was over for the elite pedophiles, remember? Hunter’s laptop, we got ’em now! Remember? And on and on.

What these headlines do is keep many people still hoping they can sit back, do nothing and watch as Biden and his lackeys are marched off to prison.

Not happening!

Wait for it…..DON’T WAIT FOR IT.

The GOP won’t save us. The feckless GOP, the bought and paid for GOP will not help us. Let’s have hearings! Let’s ask accusatory questions! Let’s hold these people accountable! Then let’s not do a damn thing!

They’re all part of the same team, forget about those idiots.

It’s up to us. All of us have to figure out ways to fight against the totalitarianism we are now facing, we are now enduring. We need massive noncompliance, good ideas, good books, good candidates, good strategies and a continued resolve.

These people, these globalists, these useful idiots will NOT be persuaded by facts. They don’t care about facts. They care about power.

And they’ll do anything to get it.

Fat Cat Technocrats by Anne Gibbons

By Anne Can’t Stand It. View on Anne’s Substack.

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