California Assembly Bill 1993 Will Not Move Forward

Reported by the L.A. Times(opens new window), California Assembly Bill 1993, the bill that would have required employees, including independent contractors, to be vaccinated will not move forward. Buffy Wicks (formerly Buffy (Buffy Wicks, District 15 Assemblymember) the Unvaxxed Slayer) assured everyone that it had nothing to do with the truckers changing course to focus on the California vaccine bills:

“I don’t think my colleagues will be swayed by a trucker gang or whatever they are,” Wicks said. “I think my colleagues would much rather listen to public health officials.”

And that right there, Buffy, is your problem: listening to public health officials who have very likely been bought and paid for. Get in the game, dear. Start thinking for yourself, though I know such things for leftist public officials are both rare and difficult. Note also, that Buffy has nothing to say about the people who voted her into office.

But good ‘ol Buffy wants to assure us this bill could still happen. Sounds like she’s channeling Fauci.

“The door is open should condition warrant,” Wicks said, adding that the decision to pull the bill had nothing to do with the trucker convoy or any planned protests.

On the contrary, I suspect everything that has been happening (Pfizer revelations, excess deaths, adverse events) with regard to these vaccines has had an impact on ol’ Buffy and her crew who are probably a little worried about being sued personally or having criminal charges filed against them if they passed such a bill. Look, there was a lot of opposition to this bill, as the article states and Buffy can try hard to spin it in any direction she wants, but the fact remains: she pulled the bill. We won. Buffy lost. The Globalists lost…this round.

California is like a country so this is great news.

The truckers still need to come and we still need to put the pressure on to stop these other tyrannical bills. Buffy had this to say:

“We will continue to push for those,” Wicks said. “I think these are all very important and speak to different critical points. At the end of the day, I believe in vaccines and believe they are part of going from pandemic to endemic.”

Well, Buffy, the pandemic has been over for a long time and it would have been over a lot sooner had people not listened to public health officials and listened to doctors on the front lines who were and still are saving their patients, not killing them.

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