California is Dropping Mask and Vaccine Mandates for Healthcare Workers

Hey Newsom, and you Gov’t vaccine sycophants! Go to hell. Go fuck yourself too. We will never forget what you did. Never.I’ve linked some articles below.

This is all bullshit. California legislators realize they’ve gotten about as many people vaccinated as they possibly can, now they want to look like the good guys by praising themselves for the good job they’ve done under the guise of praising all the vaccinated for the good job they’ve done.

Dr. Tomás Aragón, my wonderful state’s health officer, said:(opens new window)

“With these critical actions and a lot of patience and persistence, we have now reached a point where we can update some of the COVID-19 guidance to continue to balance prevention and adapting to living with COVID-19.”

They will not, under any circumstances, admit the failure of the vaccines or the harm caused by getting the jab. Note this statement by Aragón:

We stand before Californians today with a humble message of thanks for taking the hard steps to help manage COVID-19 and with an ongoing commitment to be prepared for what comes next.[emphasis mine]

They got what they wanted—time to move on to World War III or the next pandemic or an alien invasion (the extraterrestrial kind).

No time to waste.

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