California SB 1390 – Social media platforms: amplification of harmful content.

At the request of the author, Richard Pan, the hearing of this bill has been cancelled.

From the Bill

This bill would prohibit a social media platform, as defined, from amplifying harmful content in a manner that results in a user viewing harmful content from another user with whom the user did not choose to share a connection. The bill would define “amplify” to mean to take action, either through manual or automatic means, that has the effect of increasing the viewership of certain material. The bill would provide that harmful content includes libel or slander, as specified, threats of imminent violence against governmental entities, and disinformation or misinformation, including, but not limited to, false or misleading information regarding medicine or vaccinations, false or misleading information regarding elections, and conspiracy theories.

Bill seems vague. Some questions:

  • What is a “Social Media Platform”? Does this only include sites like Twitter and Facebook, or could it include and yours truly, The Asylum?
  • What exactly is “amplify”? Though they define “amplify”, still seems there is a lot of room for interpretation.
  • And, of course, how will they define “disinformation and misinformation” in regard to “vaccinations”.
  • The last part is really pushing it. Who will define what is “false or misleading information regarding elections, and conspiracy theories”?

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Ongoing Updates…

For those of you in California, I will be continually updating this page with the most recent information I find just below the History table.

11/30/22From committee without further action. (I can’t seem to find a definition for this, but it looks like this means the bill is dead…at least for this year – 2022)
04/21/22April 26 set for first hearing canceled at the request of author.
04/06/22Set for hearing April 26.
03/23/22Re-referred to Com. on JUD.
03/14/22From committee with author’s amendments. Read second time and amended. Re-referred to Com. on RLS.
03/09/22Referred to Com. on RLS.
02/22/22From printer.
02/18/22Article IV Section 8(a) of the Constitution and Joint Rule 55 dispensed with February 7, 2022, suspending the 30 calendar day requirement.
02/18/22Introduced. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment. To print.

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