Cancer is Increasing: What could it be?

Daughter on father's lap. Son playing with toy soliders: Daddy, my teacher says the increase in cancers is because of the COVID virus. Your teacher is a useful idiot in a government psyop. It’s the vaccines. Fucking vaccines.

Very good, thorough article by Jeff Childers about the increases in cancer and the psyop (limited hangout) attempting to distract us from the real cause.

I recommend the full article, but I’ve tried to summarize through article excerpts below.

  • HOLOPHARMAKON • Saturday, May 27, 2023 • C&C NEWS

    I expose one of two new studies as a limited hangout, a psyop intended to distract us from the dreadful implications of the other study. But both studies move us the right way: to accountability.

    Two Studies

    Two new studies published this week on the same day. The Biochimie study described three separate, complex systems by which the covid proteins could promote cancer growth. The Cureus study described massive excess deaths in Germany in 2021-22, and suggested an astounding possible reason for them.

    Both studies are peer-reviewed. Both studies are lengthy and highly-footnoted. Both studies were very carefully written. Both are remarkable.

    But one of the studies is a limited hangout, a psyop that gives us a little bit of new, truthful information, information intended to distract us from the horrifying implications of the other study.

    The first study he writes about, the psyop or limited hangout, is entitled:

    Possible cancer-causing capacity of COVID-19: Is SARS-CoV-2 an oncogenic agent?

    He writes about it:

    A note from the editors at the top of the article recognizes these problems[need for editing and clarity], but says that due to the importance of the subject matter, they wanted to get it out even while they’re still editing. Peer-review is already done.

    The editors didn’t say WHY it was so dang important to rush it to print before it was ready. But that will become clear in a moment.

    In a nutshell the authors of this paper want to blame the increase in cancers on COVID, not the vaccines. The authors of the paper write:

    One of the most worrying long-term effects of infection is the potential to induce malignant neoplasms, which will be a major health concern over the coming decades.

    Anything but the vaccine is the mantra of the Mainstream medical community.  Childers writes:

    A few days ago, at the Third Annual European Union International COVID Summit, Dr. Cole reported (again) on all the anecdotal clinical evidence showing skyrocketing rates of “unexpected” neoplasms. At one point he asked the medical attendees to raise their hands if they were experiencing unparalleled rates of new cancer diagnoses in their practices. Dr. Cole said half the audience raised their hands.

    Another interesting thing Childers brings up are some recent headlines:

    Drug Shortages Near and All-Time High, Leading to Rationing — The New York Times

    As cancer drug shortages grow, some doctors are forced to ration doses or delay care — NBC Article

    Childers writes:

    That’s three sources all confirming unprecedented rates of cancers. But the point isn’t that cancers — especially turbo cancers — are exploding. We already knew that.

    The point is: the data is getting undeniable. They can’t keep denying it’s happening and they won’t be able to ignore it much longer.

    The second peer-reviewed article he references is:

    Estimation of Excess Mortality in Germany During 2020-2022

    It’s a German study and of it Childers writes:

    This peer-reviewed article is hard to ignore, and you’ll be shocked when you see what the researchers suggested was the possible mechanism to explain the unprecedented levels of mortality. The researchers were surprised to find NO excess death in 2020 — the most intense year of the pandemic — but to find 100,000 extra people unexpectedly died in 2021 and 2022.

    A hundred thousand is a lot of folks, especially in a country about the size of Montana with only 83 million citizens.

    Here’s the key paragraph according to Childers:

    Given the temporal relationship between the increase in vaccinations and excess mortality, it seems surprising that a respective safety signal has not been detected in the pharmacovigilance by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI), which is responsible for the safety monitoring of drugs in Germany. A closer inspection of the methods used by the PEI to monitor possibly deadly side effects of the COVID-19 vaccinations [29] reveals that a flawed safety analysis is used that will not indicate a safety signal even if a vaccine causes extremely large numbers of unexpected deaths.[emphasis by Childers]

    And then, Childers writes, they said it:

    During periods when many persons were vaccinated, excess mortality seems to have increased.

    As if on cue I just got an email from Mark Crispin Miller, the title of his Substack article(opens new window) is:

    MLB pitcher David Hess’s cancer has returned; pro wrestler BLK Jeez has multiple myeloma; “Rory McIlroy confirms illness heading into PGA”; Philly sportscaster John Kincaide has colon cancer

    Childers writes:

    A vaccine that lowers your risk of dying from covid a little, but increases your risk of dying from cancer a lot, isn’t any kind of vaccine that anybody should be taking.

    In the first study above, the psyop, Childers writes:

    Why not mention the spike? There’s a good reason. BECAUSE THE JABS PRODUCE BILLIONS MORE SPIKE THAN THE VIRUS. Maybe trillions. If the spike protein IS oncogenic, then jabbed people are far more at risk of cancer than are naturally infected people. In an infected person, spike hangs out in the body for around eight days. In a jabbed person, spike is being steadily produced for at least four months, and maybe much longer, especially if people keep getting boosted.

    The New Narrative

    So the new narrative that we’re supposed to believe is that covid INFECTION causes cancer and the jabs help prevent that from happening. Don’t buy it. Covid might cause cancer, but if it does, it does to at fractional rates compared to the jabs.

    Never forget…

    And don’t forget the public health establishment’s role in suppressing any dissenting voices and constantly lying to everyone about the beneficial effects of the magic snake oil. That was also criminally negligent, at best.

    The less charitable views include crimes against humanity, international prosecutions, and capital punishment after trial.

    Limited Hangout

    By disclosing in great detail exactly how covid promotes neoplasmic growth, they are trying to stitch together a coverup blanket, a new narrative to throw over the explosion in turbo cancers and blame the excess deaths on the virus.

    After all, you can’t sue or or even criminally accuse a virus, unlike public health officials and military bioweapons designers.

    In other words, the Biochimie study looks like a limited hangout. They kept this oncogenic information under wraps, preventing it from reaching the journals, because it really condemns the jabs and provides even more evidence of covid’s bioengineered origins.

    But now they need this information to distract us from what can no longer be denied.

    Childers gives us this hopeful conclusion:

    We will not allow the deaths of our brothers and sisters, who mistakenly trusted public health, to be in vain. Their deaths will fuel, if not demand, a long overdue final accounting.

    It’s coming. There is no way to stop it. There WILL be an accounting for this iatrogenic Holopharmakon. It is a moral imperative.

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Daddy, my teacher says the increase in cancers is because of the COVID virus.

Your teacher is a useful idiot in a government psyop. It’s the vaccines.

Fucking vaccines.

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