• Mt Rushmore. Washington says: Why are they wearing masks? If I had arms I would rip this damn thing off. Jefferson says: Me too! Abe, I thought you got rid of slavery. Lincoln says: I did. But I think these people are just stupid.

    Mount Maskmore

    A new Tale from the Asylum and a new meme. The Presidents are not happy.

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  • Tales from The Asylum written a cave wall with an open door and light coming out of it.


    Has it ever occurred to you that you might not actually be your birth age? If your age identity is different than your birth age have you ever been misaged (the horror, the horror)? A new Tale from The Asylum.

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  • Faux Movie Poster: Z28.310. The unvaccinated code. Once they label you they will find you.

    The Interview

    A new faux movie poster and a new short story about a doctor and a patient.

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  • Faux horror movie poster. Billions were told the vaccines had... Rare Side Effects But how rare is rare?

    Rare Side Effects

    How rare is rare? Well, it's really, really rare. Obnoxiously rare. Super rare. Stop worrying about it!

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