• People dancing in a studio with this caption: Coming Soon! Healthcare Workers Prepare for Disease X

    Dancing the Virus Away

    A new meme, a new poem and new commentary. Even with inflation, it's still all free!

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  • Cartoon, man and wife at a table. Look at all those chemtrails. Don't worry, it's just the globalists playing God.

    Chemtrail Blues

    I report on chemtrails in Southern California on Saturday, January 27th and Sunday the 28th. There's also a new cartoon.

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  • Four triangles. Devil at top. Two men at bottom fighting, then realizing, then fighting the devil...triangle now inverted and people are in control.

    Vertical, Not Horizontal

    An excellent quote by Iurie Rosca and a new meme.

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  • Boss yelling at employee. Shedding isn't real! So, another conspiracy theory? Like all those others that came true?

    On Shedding by The Midwestern Doctor

    I've been thinking about shedding for a long time. The Midwestern Doctor weighs in on this important, controversial topic. Many excerpts are provided along with a link to the article. A new meme too.

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  • Woman looking out window: That young jogger just dropped dead! Her Husband sitting at the table: Breaking news, Dear! Celebrities plan to the leave the country if we elect Trump.

    The Next Big Event Isn’t Coming…It’s Already Here

    The big events are already here killing and maiming people and forcing others into slavery. A new cartoon too.

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  • A chemist says: 'I could to to dinner with my family or possibly destroy the world.' baby in jar says, 'For love of God, just go eat.'
    See page for author, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Cropped and altered with text.

    Monsters Among Us

    A brief summary of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Who are the real monsters? Plus, three new memes

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  • A faux menu with vaccine side effects.

    Let’s Go Out to Vaccinate!

    What's an evening without going out with friends and family to vaccinate? A new meme, a faux menu to be exact.

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  • The traditional Uncle Sam poster with this text: I Want YOU Not To Comply No Masks. No Mandates. No Bullshit.

    We will not…

    We will not comply. A new meme too.

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  • Daniel in the Lion's den: First lion says, You get him. Second lions says, I'm not getting him.

    Truth Unchained

    A new poem about truth. A new meme to go with it.

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  • Biden during his Red Sermon with the text: Never, ever give in to a bully. Quote by CJ Hopkins

    C.J. Hopkins: Legal Battle Continues

    C.J. Hopkins is excellent at explaining the tactics of the Totalitarians and their mindset. He also reminds us that this is coming for all of us unless we stop it. This is an excellent article.

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