• Miss Your Freedoms. Back to Normal Is Up To You. WearNoMask DoNotComply

    Back to Normal is Up to You

    This only stops when we stop it. We are the brute squad.

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  • Doctor holding a COVID-19 Booster Shot: Tyranny: It's not always what you'd expect


    Tyranny has many faces and some of those are not what we would expect.

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  • Illustrated woman with thumbs up: Thank you for not wearing a mask.

    Thank You for Not Wearing a Mask

    The most ludicrous thing I've seen with regard to masks is what people do in restaurants.

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  • Young boy getting a Covid shot: Liability: Protection for the Little Guy, Unless it's Big Pharma. In that case, you're on your own.


    Isn't it odd that Big Pharma has no liability in regard to these experimental shots? Or is it?

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  • Photo of many doctors: Pandemic Doctors, because we all need another profession we can't trust.

    Pandemic Doctors

    I am amazed at the medical community and their reluctance to speak out about what they are seeing.

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  • Grid of Doctors....But I didn't want to lose my career, etc. Surely you can understand that?

    There is So Much at Stake

    The silence of the medical community in general is deafening. Thank God for those who are speaking out.

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  • Sunday Gunday: Patriots.Win. Because in these Unprecedented Times it's good to celebrate the 2nd Amendment

    Sunday Gunday

    The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing with the 2nd Amendment.

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  • Ted Cruz with Two Faces. Why we miss Trump: a reminder

    Why We Miss Trump

    Ted Cruz shows us once again why we don't like politicians and why we miss Trump.

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  • The Death of Socrates with Speech Bubbles: What matters is living freely and rightly


    Why are people so stubborn when it comes to the vaccine? What's the big deal?

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  • Students along a wall with phones: This Mass Formation Psychosis is such bullshit...they're all saying that.

    Mass Formation Psychosis Again

    Mass Formation Psychosis. Here we go again. Mass Formation Psychosis. Here we go again. Mass Formation Psychosis. Here we go again.

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