Tales from The Asylum. Text is on the wall of a cave, steps lead up to a door, partly opened, rays of light coming in. Black and White

Tales from The Asylum

Fiction created specifically for the discerning inmates and nobodies who inhabit The Asylum.

  • Tales from The Asylum written a cave wall with an open door and light coming out of it.

    Don’t Be Afraid

    Tales from The Asylum (our new moniker for fiction on The Asylum) presents a new short story in which the implied question asked is: "Is it ever a good idea to break the fourth wall?"

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  • Faux Movie Poster: Z28.310. The unvaccinated code. Once they label you they will find you.

    The Interview

    A new faux movie poster and a new short story about a doctor and a patient.

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  • Faux horror movie poster. Billions were told the vaccines had... Rare Side Effects But how rare is rare?

    Rare Side Effects

    How rare is rare? Well, it's really, really rare. Obnoxiously rare. Super rare. Stop worrying about it!

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  • SIDS, SADS, SISS by Anne Can't Stand It!
    SIDS, SADS, SISS by Anne Can't Stand It! View on Anne's Website.

    The Car Injured

    If you've never been in a car accident...how can you be sure that there are actually car accidents? Maybe people are lying. Inquiring minds must know! And a new Anne Can't Stand It! Cartoon.

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