CDC Director Rochelle Welensky’s Rationalizations: Time for more Backtracking

The CDC, FDA, NIH and the NAID are now on the run. They are desperately trying to convince us their involvement in the vaccine rollouts was for our own good, that they only had the best of intentions. I have written about Tony (Dr. Death) Fauci and Bill (No Population Growth) Gates backtracking and now The Epoch Times reports on Rochelle (I'm So Sorry) Welensky's remarks at the Washington University School of Medicine:

“So many of us wanted to be helpful. So many of us wanted to say, ‘Okay, this is our ticket out, right, ‘now we’re done.’ So I think we have perhaps too little caution and too much optimism for some good things that came our way. I really do. I think all of us wanted this to be done,” Walensky said.[emphasis mine]

Not buying it, Rochelle. As more and more corruption is revealed these people will continue to justify their actions to us. They know what they did, but they are hoping they can convince us their volitional acts were honest mistakes. They only “wanted to be helpful.” Note also how she says, “I think all of us wanted this to be done.”

No, no we didn’t, which is why so many of us did not get the jab and why the marketing on these jabs was so pervasive, why bullying and coercion became a major part of the plan. We did not want lockdowns. We did not want our businesses to close. Welensky wants all of us to accept this great catastrophe as our own, a catastrophe for which she and her ilk bear the responsibility.

When people lie consistently one of the things they will do, if they are found out, is attempt to turn the tables, make it seem as if this really was your fault, not theirs. Rochelle (I'm So Sorry) Welensky says this about science:

“I have frequently said, ‘We’re going to lead with the science, the science is going to be the foundation of everything we do.’ That is entirely true,” she said. “I think the public heard that science is foolproof, science is black and white, science is immediate, and we get the answer and then we make the decision based on the answer. And the truth is science is gray, and science is not always immediate, and sometimes it takes months and years to actually find out the answer. But you have to make decisions in a pandemic before you have that answer.”[emphasis mine]

Notice how she says, “I think the public heard that science is foolproof…”, the implication being that the CDC, FDA, Fauci and a host of other perpetrators of the vaccine hoax, of course, did not mean anything of the sort when they told everyone to “trust the science,” when they told everyone the jab was “safe and effective.” You see, it’s your fault for not comprehending what they were actually saying.

Then she says, “But you have to make decisions in a pandemic before you have that answer.” Think about that for a moment. Now that it is coming out, even in the MSM, that many people are dying and having adverse reactions to these experimental drugs, it is time to pivot and rationalize. “Look,” she’s saying, “tough decisions have to be made during a pandemic and we made those tough, difficult decisions because we’re your leaders. It’s unfortunate that we were a little too optimistic about the effectiveness of the vaccines, but surely you can understand?”

Oh yeah, we understand. We understand perfectly. We don’t believe the pitiful rationalizations you are peddling to people you have no respect for. I think you’re lying: own it, lawyer up and shut the fuck up.

Many of us understood the science perfectly from the beginning. We decided not to take the risk on a drug that had no long term test results. We decided to wait, to see what happened. A perfectly logical, scientific approach. And the longer this has gone on, the more sure we are that we made the correct decision.

But what we’re angry about now, and we’re really angry, is that you convinced many of our loved ones to get the jab through marketing, coercion and bullying. Now we’re seeing adverse, life-changing events and deaths because of it in people that we know and love. We also know that many of our loved ones are at risk, for years down the road, because they trusted you. It appears, Welensky, that you and all your cohorts knowingly and purposefully lied to a nation for your own, reprehensible goals.

There is a day of reckoning coming and may it come quickly.

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William H Warrick III MD

They are so full of it! There were treatments. We didn’t need their Poison Death Shots.


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