CDC: Our New Quiz to Educate You on the Safe and Effective Vaccines

In which the CDC attempts to justify its existence and your demise.

Hey all you wonderful, vaccinated people out there. There seems to be an ever increasing amount of mis-, mal- and disinformation being reported that might make you begin to doubt your decision to have freely chosen to get the vaccine, its boosters and many more boosters to come. We know you got the jab knowing full-well all the possible, very rare, extremely rare, hardly worth mentioning, side effects.

This quiz will easily teach you what information to trust and what information to pretend does not exist. Always remember, as a maxim of life, if you don’t think something exists, then it doesn’t. It pays to think about how you would like the world to be and then just believe that is the way it is. Ask most any doctor or nurse about this. They’ve been practicing this philosophy for the last couple of years. It’s quite effective, and lucrative too, though we can’t promise the results will be the same for you.

Once you finish the quiz, feel free to take it again until you believe what it is that WE want you to believe, not because we’re some evil men and women with a depopulation agenda and growing bank accounts, but because we truly care about you and since we know the truth we want to share it with you so you can make informed decisions that match the futures we want you to have: you’ll own nothing and the monthly jabs will keep you unhealthy and unhappy for the rest of your short, brief life, and that will not only help the environment but also save governments and businesses tons of money in retirement benefits.

Each question only has ONE wrong answer. So this should be very easy for you idiots. Did I just write that?

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