Colorado Dominion Voting Machine Issues: Forensic Examination Proves Vote Manipulation and Illegal Destruction of Records

“Issues” is putting it mildly. Emerald Robinson reports(opens new window):

…there was only one election official in the United States who captured the corruption of the stolen 2020 election and that’s the County Clerk for Mesa County, Colorado — Tina Peters. She is the only one who copied the hard drive from the Dominion voting machine in her county before and after Dominion’s “software updates.”

For doing this terrible thing, for actually trying to make sure that there was no election fraud Tina Peters has been attacked in the propaganda press mercilessly. I just did a quick search and here are some headlines:

  • Prosecutors call Tina Peters’ claims of illegal manipulation of 2020 election data ‘false’
  • Prosecutors debunk Mesa County clerk Tina Peters’ 2020 election-fraud claims
  • Judge bars indicted official Tina Peters from overseeing 2022 elections
  • Pro-Trump election official Tina Peters slapped with third ethics complaint

And there are more. Once you realize the mainstream media is propaganda and that Washington elites on both sides of the aisle are in bed with them, everything makes sense. Deny, deny, deny, is the typical pattern. Tina Peters turned over the evidence she had to Jeffrey O’Donnell and Dr. Walter C. Daugherity. Before I give you their findings, here are their credentials:

Dr. Walter C. Daugherity

The the Truth and Liberty Coalition website:

Dr. Walter C. Daugherity is a computer consultant and also Senior Lecturer Emeritus in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University. He graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in mathematics, and then earned master’s and doctor’s degrees from Harvard University, which he attended on a Prize Fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

Jeffrey O’Donnell

From Daily News Break:

Jeffrey O’Donnell Chief Information Officer Ordros Analytics, Ordros Analytics, LLC uses cutting edge forensic and analytical research to assist grass-roots election integrity movements all over the United States.

The report follows without comment. It clearly speaks for itself.

Forensic Examination Proves Vote Manipulation and Illegal Destruction of Records on Dominion Voting Machines

By: Jeffrey O’Donnell and Dr. Walter C. Daugherity

April 21, 2022

We examined a copy of the hard drive from a Dominion Voting System computer used in Mesa County, Colorado, for two elections (November 2020 and April 2021).1 As independent experts we determined that the machine secretly manipulated ballot data and destroyed critical records. Here are our key findings:

  1. In both elections, after vote counting was underway, thousands of ballots that had already been counted were secretly re-processed inside the voting machine, undetected by election officials.
  2. Alarmingly, the voting system had internal Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless adapters allowing unauthorized external connectivity, including to the Internet.2 This opened the door for almost any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world, to connect to the software and server.
  3. The hard drive image shows that, in both elections, two new unauthorized “shadow” databases were secretly created on the machine after counting began, either through “hacking” or pre-set algorithms.
  4. The hard drive image shows that copies of digital records of select batches of already-counted ballots were moved over to these shadow databases and recounted without notice to election officials or judges (including 20,346 of 25,913 ballots in 2020 and 2,974 of 4,458 ballots in 2021).
  5. The machine made only the re-processed ballot files visible to local election officials and hid the original (not re-processed) ballot files, making the final vote counts exceed the number of ballots visible to officials.
  6. The number of ballots the machine selected for human evaluation was significantly different in the secret and unauthorized recount than it had been in the original count. This means either (1) new, fraudulent ballot images had been substituted for the original ones or (2) the program’s settings were secretly changed after vote counting began.
  7. The Dominion machine only recorded the vote tabulation in a single location, which assured that there would be no record of the original vote count before the shadow databases were created.
  8. The machine was pre-set to erase critical records within just a few days, including activity logs and user logins, which basically “covered the tracks” of anyone committing unauthorized access, software installation, manipulation, or network connections.
  9. Dominion and Colorado’s Secretary of State destroyed all data on the hard drive of the Mesa County machine one month after the April 2021 election (as part of Dominion’s nationwide so-called “Trusted Build”), even though federal and state laws require election records to be preserved for at least 22 months.3

  1. The county clerk for Mesa County, Colorado, Tina Peters, copied the hard drive from the Dominion voting machine both before and after Dominion’s required software update (referred to as the “Trusted Build”), unbeknownst to Dominion or the Colorado Secretary of State. Peters submitted the copies to forensic experts for examination.
  2. Thirty-five machines in the system were found to have these adapters installed.
  3. It is believed that the same thing happened on Dominion machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, where auditors found that 284,412 ballot images were corrupted or missing and “all the data in the database related to the 2020 general election had been fully cleared” contrary to federal law.

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