Conceived in Liberty!

I heard a great, succinct statement on the difference between Europe and America today on the Steve Bannon show by Ben Harnwell. Here you go:

“There is a fundamental difference between the outlook of Europeans and Americans, and I go back to the words Lincoln himself used in Gettysburg: America is a nation ‘conceived in liberty.’ Europe, our various nations, [were] conceived in feudalism and serfdom. … Fundamentally, in Europe, we have liberties because the state gives them to us … America is the only nation I’m aware of on the face of the planet, in the whole of human history, that basically starts from the direct opposite presupposition. You start with the individual, with his God-given natural rights, and that individual then enters society and gives to government its rights and limitations… The Americans, being a people conceived in liberty, simply will not put up with this [covid authoritarianism] any longer.”

That is all.

See it here:

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