Congress Votes NOT To Reinstate Pilots Who Rejected Vaccines

This is why no one should have gotten excited because the Republicans gained a majority in congress. They’re all on the same team. Here’s the amendment that was rejected(opens new window):

Miller (R-IL) on behalf of Greene (R-GA) – Amendment No. 36 – Requires airlines to reinstate pilots who were fired or forced to resign because of vaccine mandates – VOTE REQUESTED

And the requested vote went this way:

  • NO – 294
  • YES – 141

81 Republicans voted no. Only one democrat broke ranks and voted yes.

So, our tyrannical government, that still technically has us in an emergency health crisis so they can “lawfully” take away our freedoms, is punishing people who refused to get the vaccine.

They are letting everyone know you had better do what we tell you or you will suffer consequences.

DONOTCOMPLY Doctor holding syringe with Covid-19 vaccine with inscription booster shot. Concept of third booster dose of vaccine


  • Congressional Uniparty Votes Down Amendment For Airlines To Reinstate Pilots That Rejected "Vaccine"

    Private airline corporations are subject to illegal “mandates” over a “pandemic” that killed practically no one; in other words, there was never any pandemic as per government and world mortality data (i.e. 2020 global mortality was 0.78% which was identical to previous non-”pandemic” year).

    Said airlines are still not allowed to hire the healthiest (and smartest) pilots, and must force the genetically modified spike protein factory pilots to work overtime, thus further increasing the chances of even more plane crashes.

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