COVID-19: All Lies. All Crime by Paul M L Weston

I firmly believe a future bio-fascist digital tyranny is what the Covid-19 “pandemic” was all about and only about from the get-go.

— Paul M L Weston

Faux Cereal Box: The Great Reset. Global Size. Covid-19. made with Lockdowns and mRNA Vaccines. Ingredients: All Lies. All Crime.

People are angry.

I’ve noticed this in many of the recent books I’ve read about the evil of the last four years: The War on Ivermectin, Facing the Beast, They Want to Kill Us and What the Nurses Saw. It’s almost like the evil of what has happened is starting to sink in. It’s not that we didn’t know it was evil or didn’t know what was going on, but now there has been time to process what happened:

All Lies. All Crime.

Fauci and others behind bars: I'm ready for justice, not forgiveness.

Paul Weston wrote at the end of his succinct book:

The sole purpose of this small book was to show, in as few words as possible, that there was no lethal Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and that the vaccines were completely unnecessary, horrifically dangerous and, astonishingly / criminally ineffective in every possible way a vaccine is supposed to be effective.1

The book is full of simple statistics that should have been observed and considered, and simple questions that should have been asked and adequately answered. Of course we know they knew the statistics and they knew the questions, they simply didn’t want them to become public knowledge because the goal was NEVER about the CDC’s motto: Saving Lives. Protecting People.2

As Weston wrote, the goal was about something else entirely:

Conclusion: Control. It was all about and only about control. Lockdowns, masks, and social distancing were simply tyrannical theatre, designed to create fear, compliance visibility, illness, and a conditioned submissive response to political edicts. It was very powerful.3

Like King in They Want to Kill Us, Weston gets into the culling of elderly in care homes, Pfizer’s history of corruption, the horrific lockdowns, the fear porn and the kill shot administered to so many elderly (Midazolam and Morphine). “Here, Hon, this will just help you relax.” Who can do this kind of thing?

After all, it takes a particularly wicked sort of human-being to do the dirty work sometimes required by those who set the Globalist Agenda.4

In the above quote, Weston was writing about U.K. Ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock, a man notorious for getting his “pandemic” predictions wrong over the course of decades and yet the U.K. allowed him to predict again and scare the shit out of people, but Weston’s words also apply to pediatricians who take money to get their patients vaccinated and doctors who also took money to get their patients vaccinated without explaining to them that the “vaccine” was experimental and could, no probably will, have side effects…some of them serious.

Show me the money!

Anthem. Kill More, Make More. Doctors! Get the Bonuses you Deserve!

Weston said all the doctors he talked to admitted the vaccines were terrible, but they were afraid to speak out.

And I will tell you something else: by June/July 2020 every single doctor told me the whole Covid-19 pandemic was a fraud of colossal proportions. Shamefully though, not one of them was prepared to say so publicly.5

Hard to process. If we learned anything during Covid we learned that evil can look very, very benign indeed.

It’s a good book. A very quick read and good one to keep on hand, maybe for that individual who is starting to see the light and might be willing to consider that it was far more than just a few inconveniences they endured.

Here are some more quotes:

On top of all these ingredients for a mass culling of the elderly, Do Not Resuscitate Notices (DNR’s) were illegally blanket issued without the knowledge of the care home residents’ families. As far as I am aware, no one has yet swung for this terrible crime.6

On top of all these ingredients for a mass culling of the elderly, Do Not Resuscitate Notices (DNR’s) were illegally blanket issued without the knowledge of the care home residents’ families. As far as I am aware, no one has yet swung for this terrible crime.7

If our doctors and nurses were exhausted, it was only because so many of them are so fat and so unfit they were unable to keep up with the TikTok choreographer’s dance routine demands.8

Democide: “The killing of members of a country’s civilian population as a result of its government’s policy, including by direct action, indifference, and neglect”.9

But we must bear something in mind here; most of the seventy-five-year-olds and over who died in 2020 were victims of the Great Care Home Cull. They didn’t actually die from Covid-19 at all. They were effectively euthanised, yet their fraudulent Covid-19 death statistics play a hugely important part in skewing the IFR figures.10

Lockdowns were not the forced result of having to deal with large numbers of deaths. Rather, large numbers of deaths were the forced result of government instructed lockdowns.11

Wearing a bit of cheap cloth round your chops in the hope it will stop a virus is no more ridiculously futile than attempting to snare plankton in a heavy-duty rope fishing net designed to catch ten-kilo Cod, or whacking great Groupers.12

Quoting Simon Elmer from his book, The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State:

“Given this record of ongoing corruption and malpractice from which only its enormous profits, political influence and systemic bribery of officials have saved it from criminal prosecution, it seems extraordinary that Pfizer is still permitted to manufacture and sell any health care products. Yet this is the pharmaceutical company we’re being asked by the UK Government to trust with the mass vaccination of 68 million people via a product that has been rushed through clinical trials in 7 months, using an experimental technology that has never before been approved and whose side effects are still unknown, for a disease with the fatality rate of seasonal influenza, which statistically is a threat only to those over 70 years old with serious pre-existing medical conditions, and for which there is no evidence that it prevents infection by a virus for which only 1% of the population is currently testing positive with a testing programme that has an average false positive rate higher than the number of positive cases reported.” Is It Even a Vaccine?13


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