Dancing the Virus Away

People dancing in a studio with this caption: Coming Soon! Healthcare Workers Prepare for Disease X

Never Forget

The doctors danced, the nurses too,
We all saw them on YouTube.

How much practice did it take,
While Covid deluged every state?

Ventilators must’ve killed so well,
They all had extra time to sell.

Maybe when the next plandemic hits,
They’ll dance in glitzy Pfizer outfits.

Doctors and Nurses With Time on Their Hands

Those dancing doctors and nurses always made me think: why would they do this during a pandemic? If you haven’t seen all the different pandemic dances be sure to take a look below.

The choreography for many of the routines is impressive. Where did exhausted doctors and nurses find the time and energy to practice and then perform those dance routines if the hospitals were overrun with patients dying of Covid?

They’re all smiling and happy, dancing in emply corridors or in front of empty beds. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you watched Covid patients dying everyday, would you take the time to do this?

Or were many of these paid professionals and if so, who paid them?

During the pandemic my father was taken away in an ambulance to the hospital. I followed him there and expected, silly me, to be able to go into the hospital with him. He was not in his right mind and needed someone to advocate for him.

They wouldn’t let me in. No matter what I tried. I talked to an attorney friend of mine, verbally badgered and annoyed the security guards and hospital personnel but they would not let me in. After about three hours I gave up. My Dad survived and eventually died at home a year later.

But while I was attempting to get in to see my Dad, I walked around the hospital talking on the phone or waiting for phone calls. In the back, the hospital had set up a new area to handle all the extra Covid patients from the pandemic.

It was empty. The doors were locked. No one was there.

I guess they were practicing their dance routines.

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Healthcare Workers Prepare for Disease X

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