Deals with the Devil

The Grim Reaper Speaking with Satan

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Hello, Grim Reaper here, how can I help you?

Grim, it's Satan. Hope you're okay up there. Any word on when Fauci and Gates arrive down here?

Not sure about that, sir, you know who is in charge of that.

After you pay them your obligatory visit, send them directly to me. Our little deal did NOT include tens of millions of people figuring this out. Careless. Very Careless.

Yessir! I agree, sir!

And while you're at it, order some more coal. We'll need it for the 9th circle once those two get down here.

Will do, sir! Right away, sir!

And keep me posted on those big Pharma execs, too.

Excuse me. Is this Nancy Pelosi's office?

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