Devastating Personal Tragedies…What Could it Be?

Go to the source and read these stories. After my wife’s uncle died three weeks ago I’ve thought a lot about our situation playing out everyday in thousands of other families worldwide….because of the vaccines and the useful idiots pushing them.

  • Heartbreak devastating personal tragedies stemming from the COVID lockdowns, school closures & vaccine mandates; short stories direct from substack subscribers when asked how they were affected

    Here’s a taste of what’s on the Substack:

    ‘Thank you for asking. In early 2020, my 32 yr old son was struggling deeply with his mental health. He was starting to find support & help but in March of 2020 our governor (Evers in WI) shut our state down. I saw my son come back from meeting after meeting saying they could no longer meet. I sat & cried because I knew this couldn’t be good. He only made it 2 months under lockdown and committed suicide on May 21, 2020.’

    ‘I almost completely lost faith in the medical establishment and vaccines. Also became more knowledgeable about virology and immunology than I ever imagined. Learned a lot about population control, totalitarianism, and gaslighting. 55 injuries including 14 deaths in my circle.’

    ‘Blood clotting periods (3) and I’ve not had a period in 20+ years (72), Skin patches ( large) over my trunk (dermatologist said own body attacking itself), Rare UTI ( also dr said own body (immune) not able to fight it. )’

    ‘Delayed getting my 86-year-old disabled father his first shot until late 2021 because I was worried he was too frail. Siblings very critical about that. Eventually he had to get his first shot because the plan was for him to go interstate to live with my sister. Couldn’t cross State lines in Australia without deathjabs. He died a couple of months after his first AZ. Never exposed to covid, and always seemed to fight off viruses just fine. I can’t work in my former field. Family member has had four deathjabs and was bedridden with covid for over a week.’

    ‘I convinced my 85 year old Mother to not take the shot. Fast forward two years; she went to the hospital, and they killed her with Remdesivir and Midazolam.’

    ‘Since I took the shots, my heart just hurts, my chest, there is this pain daily and I have been to the doctor who cannot tell me what is wrong and I told him it must be the vaccine, the look on his face made me know he knows it is the vaccine, something is not good with me since the shots and I am very scared as some days I think I am going to die’

    ‘Thank you for doing this.. My friends are dropping right and left. some have sudden onset cancers or severe heart problems. Its all so very sad, it is really hard to wrap ones head around how evil this is. :(‘

    ‘I lost my job, and my career of nearly 3 decades was destroyed – not by COVID, but by the government! If the government gained anything from that (unlikely, apart from the severe expansion of its powers), that’s far outweighed by the losses – losses of mine, my family, and the community for which I worked. The introduction of totalitarianism and forced experimental injections is extremely chilling and chronically reduces quality of life for me and my family.’

    ‘My son thinks that his spleen is enlarged. He can’t get the medical help he wants. I told him not to get vaccinated. I told both his sisters. They still did it. Now he and is two sisters are very sick. I live daily thinking they will die’

    There are many, many more stories at the source.


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