Disinformation Governance Board “Paused” by Biden Admin

Knowing that Americans are inculcated from childhood to believe that censorship is nefarious — that it is the hallmark of tyranny — those who wish to censor need to find some ennobling rationale to justify it and disguise what it is.

— Glenn Greenwald

The New York Post is reporting that the “Ministry of Truth” is being “paused”(opens new window) by the illegitimate Biden administration. What a ridiculous word to use to try to save face. That means it was so controversial, so terrible and we pushed back so hard they had no choice but to shut it down. This is a win. From The Post:

The Biden administration has reportedly paused its controversial plans for a Disinformation Governance Board after facing criticism from free speech advocates and conservatives.

The Homeland Security board was set to be led by director Nina Jankowicz and had a mandate to fight the spread of “disinformation” that “can affect border security, Americans’ safety during disasters, and public trust in our democratic institutions.”

But following a backlash from Republicans and some liberals, who likened the board to an Orwellian “ministry of truth,” the Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the initiative has been put on hold.

The DHS decided to shut down the board on Monday and Jankowicz had written a resignation letter by Tuesday, according to the report. DHS officials then reportedly gave Jankowicz the opportunity to stay on and she is evaluating her options, the Washington Post reported.

Next thing, among many other things, we need to stop is the WHO Treaty. No intermissions!

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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