Dr Jackie Stone: Doctor Persecuted for Treating Her Patients

This is an interview by Phil Harper (The Digger) with Dr. Jackie Stone. He says this:

I had a chat with Dr Jackie Stone. She told me her story, how Zimbabwe performed better than Europe throughout the pandemic, and how effective early treatment has been in fighting back the pandemic. Despite this, Jackie was made an example of by the health bureaucracy who – for whatever reason – do not want Ivermectin being used en masse regardless of the human cost.

One of the things that astounds me is the persecution of doctors who espouse early treatments with ivermectin and other drugs is worldwide. The censorship and ridicule of these doctors is worldwide.

Be sure to listen to the end where Dr. Stone talks about the elites attitude toward Africa. Essentially she says the WHO is not interested in helping Africa (only 10% vaccinated at this point), but in tapping its abundant resources at the expense of the African people. Some things never change.

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