Dr. Malone Responds to New York Times Article

This is a good article by Dr. Robert Malone on the recent hit piece by the New York Times. He’s going to write a second article. I’ll update this page with that probably sometime today. First article is listed below. Worth the read.

As you’ll see below, Dr. Malone’s attorney has responded and put the NYT on notice. Let’s see what happens.

  • RE: Malone v. The New York Times Company et al.

    Dear Mr. McCraw and Ms. Alba:

    I represent Dr. Robert W. Malone in connection with his claims against The New York Times Company (“NYT”), Davey Alba (“Alba”) and unknown editors and publishers for defamation, defamation by implication and insulting words.

    On April 3, 2022, NYT published an article on its website written by Alba, entitled “The Latest Covid Misinformation Star Says He Invented the Vaccines”.

    Expectedly, NYT and Alba repeatedly republished the Article via social media. [See, e.g., hers Twitter Post 1 and her Twitter Post 2].

    The Article contains false and defamatory statements of fact of or concerning Dr. Malone, including:

    There’s a lot more. Good for Dr. Malone. Let’s see how this plays out.

  • Regarding the recent NYT article concerning myself #1

    This will the[sic] the first of two stubstack articles that I will be sending out today regarding the NYT article recently authored by Davey Alba. Ms. Alba, previously from Buzz Feed News, apparently has left the New York Times to work for Bloomberg, but previously the NYT described her desk and portfolio as “technology reporter covering disinformation and all of its tentacles”. Wish we had known that before we let her into our home and spent two days being interviewed by her. Lesson learned. So much for Mattias Desmit’s advice that we need to try to engage with all sides.

    For the record, sticking to the facts, as most of you know I have never claimed to have invented the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines. In fact, I have very actively distanced myself from them. I have claimed to have invented the core technology platform. That claim is supported by patent disclosures from the late 1980s, nine issued US patents in which I am a named inventor, and highly cited peer-reviewed publications.

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