Dr. Naomi Wolf on CDC Removing Thousands of COVID Deaths

Steve Bannon interviews Dr. Naomi Wolff on the CDC’s new revelations and some information on the released Pfizer documents.

On Wolf’s GETTR account she says:

Dr Walensky claimed that her CDC coders made a “coding logic error” that led to a COVID deaths overcount of 48,000. As CEO of a tech company may I note that if there is a bug that yields a faulty result, the CEO (the equivalent of her) is responsible for monitoring the site, and it is HER job to make sure the data are processed properly. If there is a bug such as the one she claims “the coders” had allowed, developers zero in on it WITHIN A DAY and fix it within 24-48 hours. A coding bug or error SIMPLY CANNOT LAST FOR MONTHS without anyone noticing; if it lasts beyond a day or two the faulty data presentation is being deliberately allowed to continue.

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