Facebook and Instagram Censor Dr. Naomi Wolf

America's Most UNJUST Companies

awarded to
Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram censor DailyClout and Dr. Naomi Wolf. Probably just a simple mistake. I’m sure they’ll correct it soon.

But until then we will award them The Asylum’s “Unjust Award” because we know this will shake them up rather badly and most likely cause deep wells of guilt resulting in repentance.

Just kidding. Fuck ’em.

Censorship is real.

See article below.

  • DailyClout Wholly Erased All at Once from Facebook, Instagram; Users Receive Threatening Messages

    A Massive Censorship Attack on Us — One Day after my @WarRoom Interview Explaining mRNA Vaccine-Caused “Frameshifting” has 720,000 Views


    Facebook’s and Instagram’s censorship of DailyClout — and of me personally — yesterday followed my posting of an interview I did with Steve Bannon on his widely viewed podcast WarRoom, in which I explained that scientists had confirmed that the mRNA injections cause ‘frameshifting’, or the production of ‘nonsense’ proteins, with unknown outcomes. It reached 720,000 views on Twitter. (I cannot open it on Rumble).

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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