First Amazon Review of I’m Nobody…

Mr. Thursday reviewed, I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? on Amazon.

He gave it 5 stars and had this to say:

A fun and funny take on our crazy world

This was a fun and very funny book, written in an interesting and innovative style. We’re all basically inmates in this open-air asylum known as Western Civilization in 2023. Here’s an enjoyable letter from a fellow inmate to lift your spirits, let you know you’re not alone, and inspire you with the possibility that maybe there are enough kindred spirits that we can change this world for the better. For anyone who feels like our postmodern culture has gone completely crazy, this book will be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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Ok you got me after the second page in the foreword. I was intrigued at first at the title, but I’m a little slow today. I just woke up. I’m ordering your book after filling out this form.

Sunny Abarbanell

Btw fellow inmate, I loved reading your book and bought three additional books for my friends.


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