Focus on Canada

Canada is what is important right now. Don’t get distracted. Over the last five or six years we’ve seen all kinds of evidence that should have overturned the election and thrown many of our precious, liberal politicians in jail, probably some RINOs too. But nothing ever happens. There are no indictments, no investigations, nothing. NOTHING.

I see on social media all the time: “It’s happening!” No it’s not. It is not happening. I don’t know if these are real conservatives or FBI agents spreading hopium, but nothing is really happening.

Until now.

And it’s happening not because of  politicians who want us to believe they are on our side. They’re not. It’s not happening because of academics or attorneys or doctors or radio talk show hosts, or because of Americans or Brits or the French.

No, it’s happening because a bunch of Canadian truckers and their fellow Canadians are taking action. Thousands of them. It’s fun, exciting and new right now, but if my 60 plus years on this earth has taught me anything, it is that life is unpredictable and what is worthwhile is often hard. There will be valleys up ahead. Just hang tough, everyone. I’m talking to myself too.

Support these truckers wherever you are by NOT COMPLYING. Don’t wear a mask. Speak up when it’s appropriate. If we can’t be there we all need to do what we can. There are often unintended consequences with any plan and I do not think anyone predicted what is happening in Canada, most importantly, the globalists didn’t.

This is our time. Right now. Not in November, not in 2024, but right now.

My prayers, thoughts and actions are in support of these brave men and women in Canada. I salute all of you.


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