Gasoline: Observations After New Covid Inoculations, in Layman’s Terms by Deanna Kline, AGNP-C, MSN, RN

Observations, especially trends, and the asking of questions form the basis of scientific inquiry. May we honor people, and "science", by inquiring, not dismissing.

— Deanna Kline, Gasoline

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Gasoline: Observations After New Covid Inoculations, in Layman’s Terms is an important book. So many people who have experienced and are experiencing adverse events from these experimental vaccines that are still not FDA approved are dismissed. They’re not only dismissed by the Mainstream Media, but are often dismissed by their doctors, health care professionals, family and friends.

The MSM is quick to tell a story of a supposedly unvaccinated person who dies from Covid, but can’t be bothered to tell any stories of those effected by the jab. If they mention someone dying suddenly, something they’ve had to do with alarming frequency lately, the vaccinated status of the victim will rarely, if ever, be mentioned. For those who are not dying, but are experiencing debilitating symptoms, their stories are never told or acknowledged by the MSM.

A sales person complained of heavy and more extended periods. She was stunned to hear that other women experienced this same problem after their shots. She asked me why this wasn’t in the news.

This book, like Mark Crispin Miller’s weekly updates of sudden deaths(opens new window), tells patient stories that must never be forgotten. We cannot let these governments, companies, schools, people and institutions around the world who participated in this, sweep these people under the rug as if they never existed.

Kline is just one person, one health care professional, telling us in her own words and the words of her patients what is going on. Again, she’s only one RN and there are dozens of stories in her book. Imagine the amount of stories that are not being told. Imagine the people who are suffering and who think, as Kline points out, that they are the only ones experiencing an adverse reaction to the vaccine. If they only watch the MSM why wouldn’t they believe that? The MSM tells them the vaccines are “safe and effective”, so much so, that the other side does not even need to be presented, unless referenced as a conspiracy theory.

Kline covers a wide range of adverse events: clots, high blood pressure, chest pain, heart failure, pain flare-ups, neurological symptoms, falling, fainting, sudden uncontrolled blood sugar and more. In each chapter she gives examples from real people. She is also careful to anticipate her critics. Here is one such response:

Do the events I shared in this chapter occur in people anyway? Of course, they do. But the proximity of the injection to the event is suspect. It is more than enough to raise a safety signal. Why would the FDA and CDC choose to lightly dismiss heart conditions when they were listed in their own work in October 2020(opens new window).

Yes, why? Why are no autopsies being performed? Why do they continue to push these injections despite all the continuing evidence that proves they are not “safe and effective”? Why are good doctors at the top of their fields, dismissed a “misinformation spreaders” and quacks?

Kline tells us stories about young, middle-ages and old people. There are many stories of older people in their 70s, 80s and 90s living vibrant and fulfilling lives until they take the vaccine, who suddenly experience a “failure to thrive” and many other issues.

In her conclusion Kline addresses people who may be on the fence about the vaccines, who may be reading her book and think all this is not possible. She responds:

Understand, a significant breach of medical ethics has taken place, doctors have been threatened, health care workers have been coerced and gagged, and effective treatments have been cancelled.

This is an excellent book. I highly recommend it.

You can read Deanna Kline on Substack(opens new window).

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The Inmate

The book’s author, Deanna Kline, wrote this about The Asylum:

“Praise: I have much determination and.. my book Gasoline (available on Amazon) has been reviewed! Many thanks to, who also runs the super resourceful, jam-packed thorough, up-to-date website, The Asylum -A Satire and Commentary for Discerning Citizens. I like this guy and his website subtitle— discerning! I have prayed people will be more discerning for the last 2 1/2 years. He reviewed my book on his substack and placed it on his website. I am super grateful!

You should check out his website, it is PACKED full of truth, satire, commentary, and links. You must review this amazing RESOURCE ON HIS WEBSITE: 30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet UNDER THE RESOURCE SECTION. If you want a summary of all the various modes of deception surrounding covid, this is it. At this point, it is slightly out of date but still most excellent, and off-guardian is hopefully working on an updated ‘cribsheet’.”


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