Good Articles for the Week of March 28 – April 1

I’m still trying to figure what The Asylum is, what its focus should be and if I can pull it off. Time will tell. It is still in its infancy.

I run across a lot of articles and I can’t do single blogs on all of them, but many of them seem important enough not to forget about. So I’m going to start this weekly list of articles that, for whatever reason, captured my attention. There really is just so much happening and happening so fast that it can be overwhelming. I suspect that is intentional on the part of the globalists.

  • Pandemic of the Vaccinated

    This is another great article by the Naked Emperor. The statistics and graphs are all from the U.K. It is well worth taking a look, particularly to see all his graphs. Some highlights:

    Starting with case rates, this clearly has turned into a pandemic of the vaccinated….Boosted over 18s are 3-4 times as likely to be infected than unvaccinated individuals. As I’ve said before, you might have the best vaccine in the world but if you are more likely to get infected and transmit the virus because you’ve had it, it’s not really the best vaccine in the world, is it?

    He concludes with this:

    To conclude, there is no doubt, however you look at it, cases and rates are much higher in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. If the story ended there then I would still consider this a failure because more cases means more transmission, more hospitalisation and more deaths. Furthermore, more cases means more mutations occurring and in a highly vaccinated population, there will be an evolutionary pressure to mutate so as to be vaccine resistant.

    When it comes to hospitalisations and deaths, again, however you look at it, something is wrong with what we are being told about the vaccines. If its high percentages in the boosted then is some kind of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement occurring? If its high percentages in the two dosed then is some king of Original Antigenic Sin occurring or have their immune systems become dysregulated?

  • Election Watchdog Finds 137,500 Ballots Unlawfully Trafficked in Wisconsin

    Trump won, never forget that. They want us to forget. We will not forget.

    More and more evidence continues to come out. Though it was obvious what happened in the early morning, the mountains of evidence we have seen since then make denials of election fraud just conspiracy theories.

    10 trillion unique cell phone ‘pings’ were used to reconstruct the movements of ballot box intermediaries in 2020 election

    More highlights from the article:

    Based on his 15-month study of election practices in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Michigan, Phillips estimates that at least 4.8 million votes were trafficked nationally.

    According to the True the Vote report, 242 intermediaries in metro Atlanta made 5,668 stops at drop boxes during elections in late 2020. In its report, TTV said it obtained 4 million minutes of drop box video surveillance tape that helped to document its Georgia findings.

    Worth the read.

  • The White House Does, in Fact, Have a Post–Title 42 Plan

    This is a short article, but it has some big news regarding immigration and it’s not good:

    The fact sheet on “DHS Preparations for a Potential Increase in Migration” uses the words “processing” or “processed” ten times in a two-page document. The key section is under “Delivering a more efficient and fair immigration process,” and specifically the subheading “Issued rule to expedite asylum claims.” This new regulation, allowing low-level USCS bureaucrats at the border to grant asylum on the spot, in a “nonadversarial hearing,” combined with other administration actions that dramatically expand the grounds for asylum, are a recipe for rubber-stamping of asylum claims.[emphasis mine]

  • The Department of Defense Just Got Caught Lying About Vaccine Injuries

    Mr. Renz also has the sworn statements of four whistleblowers inside the DoD serving as Army medical officer who have reviewed the relevant information and corraborated that important medical data has been altered. All of them had access to the relevant database — called the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database (“DMED”) — and they independently verified the findings.

    What did they find?

    They found dramatic increases in serious conditions after vaccination: a 456% increase in acute myocardial infarction, a 468% increase in pulmonary embolism, a 296% increase in all cancers, a 275% increase in myocarditis.

  • Americans Who Received J&J Single-Shot COVID Vaccine May Need mRNA Booster: CDC

    Well, of course they do. We can’t have any one-and-done people out there! The none-and-done people are really bothersome!

    Americans who received Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot COVID-19 vaccine are less protected against serious illness and hospitalizations than those who received an mRNA vaccine, and should likely consider getting a booster dose of either Pfizer’s or Moderna’s vaccine, according to new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data released Tuesday.

  • Australian Senators raise serious Vaccine Issues in Parliament

    The Senator [Malcolm Roberts] goes on to list the fines that these same pharmaceutical companies have been issued with (for criminal behaviour) over the years. AstraZeneca had a US $355 million fine for fraud and US $550 million fine for making unfounded efficacy claims. Pfizer had a US $430 million fine for unfounded claims about efficacy and a US $2.3 billion fine for unfounded claims about efficacy and for paying kickbacks.

  • Aphasia can be caused by the COVID vaccine

    How do we know Bruce Willis’ aphasia wasn’t caused by the vaccine? Nobody is talking about it….

    The medical authorities always tell us they want to reduce vaccine hesitancy so why not tell us how the doctors ruled out the vaccine as causal in Willis’ case?…

    VAERS ID: 906282 (history) Given the vaccine at 712 pm on 12/20/20. At approximately 715 pm, she began to clear her throat and then became unable to speak, followed by audible wheezes and short, shallow breaths. At 1923, Epinephrine was administered. At 1928, she was able to speak again and was transported to the ED. The patient reports after arrival to the ER, the symptoms returned. She was given PO Benadryl, followed by IV Benadryl, and then a 2nd dose of Epinephrine. She was admitted to the ICU for observation

  • Legislators Form Vaccine Work Group to Boost Public Health Policies

    Well, I guess this explains why all the same names keep popping up on the vaccine bills in California. I had no idea they were a special, self-named group. But come on, you couldn’t come up with something better than “Vaccine Work Group”? Here’s what they say about themselves:

    Work Group to Facilitate Coordinated Action and Bring Thoughtful, Comprehensive Approach to Save Lives

    Me thinks not. This has nothing to do with saving lives and everything to do with trying to be a part of “The Great Reset,” or should I say, “The Great Power Grab”?

  • Vaxxed By Machines, Tracked By Machines…by Joe Allen

    Moderna’s co-founder created a quantum dot tattoo to track the vaxxed. The company is now using AI to generate endless mRNA jabs. Welcome to Transhumanism, Inc.

    This is the stuff of science fiction, something Joe Allen says he hears a lot. I’m not real familiar with Transhumanism, but people I trust say Allen is an expert. This an interesting and disturbing article…so what else is new?

    Three technologies drive the plot of this story—mRNA gene therapy, tracking tech, and artificial intelligence. Advanced machine learning, used to predict the effects of mRNA mutations in silico, allows for lightning fast vaccine development—including regulatory approval. Additionally, embedded subdermal tracking systems can ensure that every person on planet Earth is up-to-date on their shots.

    But Allen does end on a high note:

    The transhumanist ambition, implemented through technocratic policies, is to transform humanity through technology. It’s a delusional quest for perfection, however approximate—perfect health, perfect cognition, perfect machines. This ambition will never vanish. But like a devil chained up in the underworld, it can be contained.

    The first step is public awareness. The second is a bold personal stance. The third is community action. The last, and most enduring, is the institutional protection of our rights, our privacy, and our bodily autonomy.

    This struggle against the machine won’t end until the last battery fizzles out. Prepare yourself for perpetual warfare. There can be no wishful thinking, but there’s only one attitude to take—we will win this.

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