Grand Jury Day 2 – History – Alex Thomson

Part 1 – The general historical and geopolitical backdrop to all of this

Your best bet is to watch the video. Thomson takes about 47 minutes to go through all this. New material for me and he packs a lot in. If you can, skip my bullet points and watch the video.


Alex Thomson

  • 8 years officer of Britain’s Signal intelligence agency, GCHQ Member
  • 1870 several revolutions with the British elite: education, intellectual property, healthcare.
  • by 1947 Britain had nat’l health service.
  • City of London and Church of England
  • Bank of England formed in 1694
  • City of London has a lot of power
  • Dignified (for show) and Efficient (working parts) of the Crown
  • Who owns the population?
  • 4 industrial revolutions:
    1. Ownership of land
    2. Mechanical / Industrial Revolution
    3. Financial Revolution…but even this bubble will burst
    4. Own the minds and productivity of the people
  • Human resources had to be controlled. Minds needed to be controlled.
  • Battle for the mind is their main concern. Health is integral part of that.
  • Rhodes formed secret societies (Rhodes’ Scholars)
  • Is there any means other than war if you want to alter the life of an entire people? Asked by the Carnegie Foundation. Their answer? No. How do we involve the U.S. in a war?
  • Mindspace: Influencing behaviour through public policy
  • The City of London is the true powerhouse and understood to own the population
  • City of London and Wallstreet very powerful together
  • Book: Bloodlines of the Illuminati
  • Britain got early into mind control
  • These elites view us as livestock. Term was used explicitly. Is used explicitly.
  • Real wealth is human health and the human mind

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